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Water and steam properties and derivatives based on the IAPWS IF97

2014-09-22 10:52:22
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IAPWS_IF97(FUN,IN1,IN2) is 27 functions of water properties and derivatives, based on the International Association on Properties of Water and Steam (http://www.iapws.org ). Thermodynamic, hydrodynamic and non-linear modeling often requires thermodynamic derivatives, therefore IAPWS_IF97 can calculate most property derivates as functions of pressure and enthalpy, e.g.: dT/dp_ph, cp_ph, dv/dp_ph and dv/dh_ph. Since modeling often involves multiple dimensions that are discretized or meshed to form a set of either finite-difference or finite-element equations, IAPWS_IF97 is vectorized even across regions (subcooled/compressed-liquid, saturated, superheated and supercritical). For arrays is an order of magnitude faster than XSteam and is multithreaded if your computer is capable.
This is the functional form. I will submit a class & package versions definition soon, that also offer slip correction using Zivi's correlation (1964) for 2-phase flow.
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IAPWS_IF97_example.html12.82 kB2014-09-19 18:34
IAPWS_IF97_example.png7.51 kB2014-09-19 18:34
IAPWS_IF97_example_01.png15.54 kB2014-09-19 18:34
IAPWS_IF97.m190.59 kB2014-09-19 18:34
IAPWS_IF97_example.m2.96 kB2014-09-19 18:34
pT_uv.m2.79 kB2014-09-19 18:34
test_density_derivative.m583.00 B2014-09-19 18:34
test_enthalpy_derivative.m584.00 B2014-09-19 18:34
IAPWS_IF97_Pressure-Enthalpy_Diagram.png15.54 kB2014-09-19 18:34
license.txt1.28 kB2014-09-19 18:34
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Water and steam properties and derivatives based on the IAPWS IF97 (79.17 kB)

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