(1) entry: can entry flights situation (data can storage in a data file in the, data structures , and specific data since set) (2) query: can query a route of situa...">
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Airplane ticket booking system

2014-09-22 21:20:22
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167664466" class="best-text mb-10">(1) entry: can entry flights situation (data can storage in a data file in the, data structures , and specific data since set) (2) query: can query a route of situation (as, entered flights, , query landing time, took off arrived in city, flights fare, fare discount, determines flights whether full warehouse ); can entered took off arrived in city, query aircraft flights situation; (3) the booking (booking situation can exist in a data file, the structure set) can reserve tickets, if the flight is no ticket, you can provide alternative flight; (4) refunds: refund, refunds later modified the associated data files; customer information name, ID card number and booking number and flight conditions, orders to serial numbers. (5) to flight information: flights when flight changes can modify a data file
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Name Size Date
schedulemanager.cpp6.76 kB2014-09-05|03:47
schedule.cpp2.72 kB2014-09-05|03:47
schedulemanager.o45.85 kB2014-09-05|03:47
schedule.o13.54 kB2014-09-05|03:47
tool.o24.17 kB2014-09-05|03:47
mydate.o5.00 kB2014-09-05|03:47
mytime.o5.27 kB2014-09-05|03:47
test25.54 kB2014-09-02|08:23
mydate.cpp1.88 kB2014-09-03|04:01
mytime.cpp1.69 kB2014-09-03|04:02
tool.cpp2.89 kB2014-09-03|04:02
datetest.cpp445.00 B2014-09-03|04:02
managercustomer.o34.22 kB2014-09-05|03:47
customer.o4.12 kB2014-09-05|03:47
custest.cpp216.00 B2014-09-03|03:37
customer.cpp1.86 kB2014-09-04|08:21
managercustomer.cpp4.22 kB2014-09-05|03:23
mediator.h738.00 B2014-09-05|03:41
schedule.h3.67 kB2014-09-05|01:49
tool.h723.00 B2014-09-02|08:14
customer.h2.19 kB2014-09-04|01:08
mytime.h547.00 B2014-09-02|06:00
mydate.h699.00 B2014-09-02|05:59
printmenu.h397.00 B2014-09-04|21:59
createFile.h454.00 B2014-09-04|20:19
exception.h393.00 B2014-08-29|04:55
managercustomer.h1.92 kB2014-09-05|03:40
manager.h3.65 kB2014-09-05|03:39
printconfig.h468.00 B2014-09-05|03:40
printmenu.o11.66 kB2014-09-05|03:47
printconfig.o3.22 kB2014-09-05|03:47
printconfig.cpp961.00 B2014-09-05|03:37
printmenu.cpp4.05 kB2014-09-05|01:14
createFile.o7.84 kB2014-09-05|03:47
exception.o4.75 kB2014-09-05|03:47
exception.cpp383.00 B2014-09-04|20:09
createFile.cpp1.47 kB2014-09-04|20:20
customer.dat58.00 B2014-09-05|03:49
plane.dat253.00 B2014-09-05|03:49
Makefile544.00 B2014-09-05|03:46
mymain.o9.30 kB2014-09-05|03:47
mediator.cpp5.80 kB2014-09-05|03:01
mediator.o16.05 kB2014-09-05|03:47
mymain.cpp176.00 B2014-09-05|03:02
planemanager94.13 kB2014-09-05|03:47
0.00 B2014-09-05|03:47
0.00 B2014-09-05|03:47
0.00 B2014-09-05|03:47
0.00 B2014-09-05|03:41
0.00 B2014-09-05|03:47
0.00 B2014-09-05|03:47
0.00 B2014-09-05|03:24
0.00 B2014-09-05|03:47
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Airplane ticket booking system (100.77 kB)

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