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Message-Digest Algorithm 5

2014-09-26 10:55:02
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summary algorithm 5) are used to ensure information transfer complete and consistent. Is the computer one of the widely used hash algorithms (also translated the digest algorithm , and hash algorithms ), the mainstream programming languages generally have MD5 implementation.
make data (如 Chinese character ) Operation for another fixed-length value is a hash algorithm based on principle, the predecessor MD2, MD5 MD3 MD4
MD5 function is to let the bulk of the information in the A digital signature Software signing the private keyBefore the "compressed" into a secret format (that is, transforms into an arbitrary length byte string long Hex Series of numbers).
In addition to MD5, of which there are more famous sha-1 RIPEMD and Haval etc.
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MD5.c8.87 kB25-04-14|22:32
MD5.h636.00 B25-04-14|21:14
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Message-Digest Algorithm 5 (3.56 kB)

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