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Video Recording using OpenCV

2014-10-06 15:10:58
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Opencv (libraries mainly used for image and video processing) and visual studio is used in this project.

You can use any version of opencv ( although 2.4.1 and above are recommended)

Description : 

This code here records video through you webcam ( Either built-in or USB )

And that video is saved in your computer.

Obviously you can change the location and set the path to where you want to save the video.(B.T.W it is set to C drive by default)

Prerequisite  :

You must have OpenCV libraries for this to work.

Anyone can easily download this library from the link given below..


Hope this works for you 

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File list

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Name Size Date
video_recording.exe52.00 kB15-09-14 04:55
video_recording.ilk478.27 kB15-09-14 04:55
video_recording.pdb843.00 kB15-09-14 04:55
video_recording-c553f03f.ipch40.19 MB07-10-14 00:03
cl.command.1.tlog634.00 B15-09-14 04:55
CL.read.1.tlog13.64 kB15-09-14 04:55
CL.write.1.tlog538.00 B15-09-14 04:55
link-cvtres.read.1.tlog2.00 B15-09-14 04:55
link-cvtres.write.1.tlog2.00 B15-09-14 04:55
link.7968-cvtres.read.1.tlog2.00 B15-09-14 04:55
link.7968-cvtres.write.1.tlog2.00 B15-09-14 04:55
link.7968.read.1.tlog2.00 B15-09-14 04:55
link.7968.write.1.tlog2.00 B15-09-14 04:55
link.command.1.tlog2.77 kB15-09-14 04:55
link.read.1.tlog5.96 kB15-09-14 04:55
link.write.1.tlog1.34 kB15-09-14 04:55
mt.command.1.tlog526.00 B15-09-14 04:55
mt.read.1.tlog278.00 B15-09-14 04:55
mt.write.1.tlog538.00 B15-09-14 04:55
rc.command.1.tlog796.00 B15-09-14 04:55
rc.read.1.tlog510.00 B15-09-14 04:55
rc.write.1.tlog518.00 B15-09-14 04:55
vc100.idb323.00 kB15-09-14 04:55
vc100.pdb452.00 kB15-09-14 04:55
video_recording.Build.CppClean.log3.26 kB15-09-14 04:55
video_recording.exe.embed.manifest406.00 B15-09-14 04:55
video_recording.exe.embed.manifest.res472.00 B15-09-14 04:55
video_recording.exe.intermediate.manifest381.00 B15-09-14 04:55
video_recording.lastbuildstate99.00 B15-09-14 04:55
video_recording.log4.40 kB15-09-14 04:55
video_recording.obj120.75 kB15-09-14 04:55
<video_recording.write.1.tlog>0.00 B15-09-14 04:55
video_recording_manifest.rc220.00 B15-09-14 04:55
video_recording.vcxproj3.93 kB11-09-14 05:18
video_recording.vcxproj.filters987.00 B11-09-14 05:18
video_recording.vcxproj.user143.00 B11-09-14 05:15
video_recording.sdf10.46 MB07-10-14 00:06
video_recording.sln917.00 B11-09-14 05:15
video_recording.suo11.00 kB07-10-14 00:06
<video_recording-f37a24be>0.00 B07-10-14 00:03
<Debug>0.00 B07-10-14 00:02
<Debug>0.00 B07-10-14 00:02
<ipch>0.00 B07-10-14 00:03
<video_recording>0.00 B07-10-14 00:02
<Video>0.00 B0% 07-10-14
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Video Recording using OpenCV (8.70 MB)

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