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This project is very interesting. 

You can move your mouse without even touching it.

Description : 

It allows you to move the mouse through webcam.

You just have to place some red colored object in front of your camera, it will detect that object and as and when you'll move your object the mouse will automatically move in that direction. (You can also change a line of code and chose the color that you like. It is by default set to red)

General : 

OpenCV (Libraries mainly used for image and video processing) and Visual Studio is used in this project.

You can also use Visual c++ Express instead of visual studio.

Prequisite :

You must add openCV libraries to visual studio first for this to work properly.

you can easily download opencv libraries from the link given below : 


Hope this works for you.

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File list

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Name Size Date
finger.exe38.50 kB18-09-14 10:28
finger.ilk422.67 kB18-09-14 10:28
finger.pdb1.52 MB18-09-14 10:28
opencv_calib3d249.dll768.00 kB15-04-14 14:29
opencv_calib3d249d.dll1.47 MB15-04-14 14:31
opencv_contrib249.dll1.10 MB15-04-14 14:30
opencv_contrib249d.dll2.35 MB15-04-14 14:32
opencv_core249.dll2.00 MB15-04-14 14:27
opencv_core249d.dll3.31 MB15-04-14 14:31
opencv_createsamples.exe143.50 kB15-04-14 14:29
opencv_features2d249.dll701.00 kB15-04-14 14:28
opencv_features2d249d.dll1.39 MB15-04-14 14:31
opencv_ffmpeg249.dll10.05 MB19-11-13 08:39
opencv_flann249.dll477.50 kB15-04-14 14:27
opencv_flann249d.dll1.08 MB15-04-14 14:31
opencv_gpu249.dll412.00 kB15-04-14 14:29
opencv_gpu249d.dll918.00 kB15-04-14 14:32
opencv_haartraining.exe144.50 kB15-04-14 14:29
opencv_highgui249.dll1.98 MB15-04-14 14:28
opencv_highgui249d.dll3.42 MB15-04-14 14:31
opencv_imgproc249.dll1.83 MB15-04-14 14:28
opencv_imgproc249d.dll2.99 MB15-04-14 14:31
opencv_legacy249.dll1.16 MB15-04-14 14:29
opencv_legacy249d.dll2.46 MB15-04-14 14:32
opencv_ml249.dll497.00 kB15-04-14 14:27
opencv_ml249d.dll999.50 kB15-04-14 14:31
opencv_nonfree249.dll534.50 kB15-04-14 14:30
opencv_nonfree249d.dll1.10 MB15-04-14 14:32
opencv_objdetect249.dll642.00 kB15-04-14 14:28
opencv_objdetect249d.dll1.46 MB15-04-14 14:31
opencv_ocl249.dll1.96 MB15-04-14 14:29
opencv_ocl249d.dll3.43 MB15-04-14 14:32
opencv_performance.exe12.50 kB15-04-14 14:29
opencv_photo249.dll187.00 kB15-04-14 14:28
opencv_photo249d.dll453.50 kB15-04-14 14:31
opencv_stitching249.dll975.00 kB15-04-14 14:30
opencv_stitching249d.dll1.95 MB15-04-14 14:32
opencv_superres249.dll588.00 kB15-04-14 14:30
opencv_superres249d.dll1.18 MB15-04-14 14:32
opencv_traincascade.exe225.00 kB15-04-14 14:30
opencv_video249.dll357.50 kB15-04-14 14:28
opencv_video249d.dll689.50 kB15-04-14 14:31
opencv_videostab249.dll525.00 kB15-04-14 14:30
opencv_videostab249d.dll1.11 MB15-04-14 14:32
cl.command.1.tlog598.00 B18-09-14 10:28
CL.read.1.tlog28.46 kB18-09-14 10:28
CL.write.1.tlog426.00 B18-09-14 10:28
finger.Build.CppClean.log2.70 kB15-09-14 04:51
finger.exe.embed.manifest406.00 B15-09-14 04:51
finger.exe.embed.manifest.res472.00 B15-09-14 04:51
finger.exe.intermediate.manifest381.00 B18-09-14 10:28
finger.lastbuildstate90.00 B18-09-14 10:28
finger.log3.16 kB18-09-14 10:28
finger.vcxprojResolveAssemblyReference.cache713.00 B15-09-14 04:51
<finger.write.1.tlog>0.00 B15-09-14 04:51
finger_manifest.rc202.00 B15-09-14 04:51
link-cvtres.read.1.tlog2.00 B18-09-14 10:28
link-cvtres.write.1.tlog2.00 B18-09-14 10:28
link.10592-cvtres.read.1.tlog2.00 B18-09-14 10:28
link.10592-cvtres.write.1.tlog2.00 B18-09-14 10:28
link.10592.read.1.tlog2.00 B18-09-14 10:28
link.10592.write.1.tlog2.00 B18-09-14 10:28
link.command.1.tlog2.50 kB18-09-14 10:28
link.read.1.tlog5.37 kB18-09-14 10:28
link.write.1.tlog1.07 kB18-09-14 10:28
main.obj116.07 kB18-09-14 10:28
mt.command.1.tlog436.00 B18-09-14 10:28
mt.read.1.tlog430.00 B18-09-14 10:28
mt.write.1.tlog430.00 B18-09-14 10:28
rc.command.1.tlog634.00 B15-09-14 04:51
rc.read.1.tlog402.00 B15-09-14 04:51
rc.write.1.tlog410.00 B15-09-14 04:51
vc100.idb827.00 kB18-09-14 10:28
vc100.pdb1.10 MB18-09-14 10:28
finger.vcxproj3.92 kB12-09-14 21:41
finger.vcxproj.filters978.00 B12-09-14 21:41
finger.vcxproj.user143.00 B12-09-14 21:39
finger.sdf34.58 MB07-10-14 01:00
finger.sln890.00 B12-09-14 21:39
finger.suo12.50 kB07-10-14 01:00
finger-982d60e7.ipch85.81 MB07-10-14 00:59
<Debug>0.00 B07-10-14 01:00
<finger-5d6cf495>0.00 B07-10-14 01:00
<Debug>0.00 B07-10-14 01:00
<finger>0.00 B07-10-14 01:00
<ipch>0.00 B07-10-14 01:00
<Mouse>0.00 B0% 07-10-14
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