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System v shared memory based inter-process communication framework

2014-10-13 09:07:19
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This project is a System v shared memory based inter-process communication framework
Compressed package provides source code and the corresponding sample programs, and documentation.
Protocol Overview:
Use System V Shared memory interprocess communication.
Because it provides only the shared memory interprocess data channels,
If it is to achieve data transmission, it is necessary to define a delivery protocol for it.

We defined protocol is divided into 4 layers:
First layer:
Specifies the size of the shared memory creation, opening and destruction 。
Defining shared memory data structures:
Used to control the data read-write read-write locks, condition variables, time stamp (Exact, delicate),
Used to identify a process of reading and writing program id 、 process id ,
Kernel shared memory allocation shmid , Data length, and data areas.
3. data, the read-write lock, and unicast, broadcast signal sent.
Second layer: Send and receive control data and timeout handling.
Data to be written to the shared memory ID of the reading and writing process program id 、 process id
And time stamps, and at the time of writing to all send signals to a process is listening,

When a process receives a signal will, in accordance with program id 和 process id  Determine whether the 

data is for yourself, What is Processed, otherwise continue to listen, listen listen timeout specified time when 

measured in milliseconds, once the timeout is finishing monitor 。

The third layer : Define the message format, message encapsulation, parsing And processing

Message data in a defined type, length and other logos, so that more data can be encapsulated in a message, 

and functions can be defined for each type of data processing, automatic processing when it is received.

Fourth floor:

Client Port: encapsulates the request data to the appropriate type, and define how you want to implement 


Server Port: parses the request and response actions defined for each type of data

This level of agreement is fully  Consultations between users defined, given just behind an implementation, 

users can modify to suit your needs

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File list

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Name Size Date
ipcdef.h564.00 B30-09-14 14:24
ipcmsg.c19.01 kB30-09-14 09:55
ipcmsg.h3.92 kB30-09-14 13:28
ipcmsg_query_req.c11.68 kB30-09-14 16:43
ipcmsg_query_req.h1.79 kB30-09-14 13:27
shmem_msg.c10.76 kB28-09-14 15:11
shmem_msg.h1.50 kB29-09-14 13:10
system_v_shmem.c4.08 kB29-09-14 12:42
system_v_shmem.h1.24 kB30-09-14 09:40
ipcmsg_client29.74 kB30-09-14 11:49
ipcmsg_client.c5.52 kB30-09-14 13:34
ipcmsg_server29.27 kB30-09-14 11:49
ipcmsg_server.c4.41 kB30-09-14 13:37
Makefile822.00 B30-09-14 11:27
shmmsg_client28.58 kB30-09-14 11:49
shmmsg_client.c1.52 kB28-09-14 15:05
shmmsg_server28.58 kB30-09-14 11:49
shmmsg_server.c1.38 kB28-09-14 15:07
shm_ipcmsg.IAB44.00 kB26-09-14 17:12
shm_ipcmsg.IAD728.00 B26-09-14 17:12
shm_ipcmsg.IMB12.00 kB26-09-14 15:26
shm_ipcmsg.IMD448.00 B26-09-14 15:26
shm_ipcmsg.PFI68.00 B30-09-14 16:43
shm_ipcmsg.PO776.00 B30-09-14 16:43
shm_ipcmsg.PR6.29 kB26-09-14 15:26
shm_ipcmsg.PRI38.05 kB26-09-14 15:26
shm_ipcmsg.PS77.60 kB30-09-14 17:53
shm_ipcmsg.SearchResults4.55 kB28-09-14 12:53
shm_ipcmsg.WK349.13 kB30-09-14 17:53
thread_pool.c6.48 kB23-09-14 17:16
thread_pool.h1.05 kB13-09-14 13:06
utility.c4.48 kB26-09-14 15:01
utils.h637.00 B26-09-14 14:59
<ipcmsg>0.00 B30-09-14 14:47
<utils>0.00 B26-09-14 14:35
<shm_ipcmsg>0.00 B30-09-14 17:27
说明.doc117.76 kB10-10-14 18:15
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System v shared memory based inter-process communication framework (108.77 kB)

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