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Simple examples of Qt image network transmission

2014-10-20 11:02:17
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This code demonstrates how network communications using QTcpSocket QTcpServer; how to get image data from a server-side, in the net to transfer images between last client receives and displays. Code point is that it shows a basic process that involves only the most superficial elements of, if you are interested in friends, can better improve it, including interfaces and functional parts. Just contact a classmate, this code can be started quickly, with impression out then followed.
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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
Makefile6.88 kB2014-10-14 22:44
client29.83 kB2014-10-15 18:29
client.pro359.00 B2014-10-14 22:44
imagestream.cpp3.90 kB2014-10-16 20:01
imagestream.h922.00 B2014-10-15 18:24
imagestream.o8.92 kB2014-10-15 18:29
mainclient.cpp237.00 B2014-10-14 23:02
mainclient.o2.23 kB2014-10-15 18:29
moc_imagestream.cpp2.47 kB2014-10-15 18:29
moc_imagestream.o7.37 kB2014-10-15 18:29
01.97 kB
1.jpg134.97 kB2012-03-28 01:55
10.jpg236.37 kB2012-03-17 13:00
11.jpg117.25 kB2012-03-15 04:29
12.jpg137.20 kB2012-05-19 10:20
13.jpg101.00 kB2012-02-26 03:56
14.jpg214.23 kB2012-05-27 01:34
15.jpg199.99 kB2010-01-08 17:10
16.jpg202.07 kB2012-03-17 13:01
17.jpg166.83 kB2012-03-15 04:42
18.jpg157.95 kB2012-03-14 18:12
19.jpg590.47 kB2012-03-29 15:49
2.jpg125.62 kB2012-04-15 21:13
20.jpg118.25 kB2012-04-15 20:52
21.jpg35.57 kB2012-04-15 20:39
22.jpg178.37 kB2012-04-15 20:45
23.jpg165.42 kB2012-04-15 20:50
24.jpg293.86 kB2012-05-27 01:36
25.jpg192.53 kB2012-03-15 04:33
26.jpg442.37 kB2012-03-15 04:37
27.jpg128.90 kB2012-03-15 04:44
28.jpg262.71 kB2010-01-08 17:10
29.jpg119.70 kB2012-04-15 20:44
3.jpg73.42 kB2012-04-15 20:43
30.jpg121.61 kB2012-04-15 21:26
31.jpg261.94 kB2012-03-14 18:05
32.jpg176.67 kB2012-03-17 13:33
33.jpg1.37 MB2013-11-09 18:36
34.jpg676.91 kB2013-11-09 18:38
35.jpg141.38 kB2012-09-18 20:16
4.jpg118.11 kB2012-03-17 12:57
5.jpg196.70 kB2012-03-15 04:46
6.jpg202.84 kB2012-05-27 01:27
7.jpg458.87 kB2012-05-27 01:32
8.jpg102.39 kB2012-03-17 12:56
9.jpg110.45 kB2012-02-26 03:52
Makefile6.88 kB2014-10-15 15:33
mainser.cpp212.00 B2014-10-14 22:26
mainser.o2.21 kB2014-10-15 17:34
moc_serverstream.cpp2.39 kB2014-10-15 17:35
moc_serverstream.o4.21 kB2014-10-15 17:35
server18.98 kB2014-10-16 20:06
server.pro358.00 B2014-10-15 15:33
serverstream.cpp1.83 kB2014-10-16 20:06
serverstream.h694.00 B2014-10-15 17:34
serverstream.o6.96 kB2014-10-16 20:06
serverstream.txt1.80 kB2014-10-15 13:08
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Simple examples of Qt image network transmission (7.85 MB)

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