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Online bus ticket booking system

2014-10-23 10:38:40
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This website of a typical travels,which runs buses between different cities, allows user to get information aboutbus services and book seats. As it is a classroom project it does not providepayment option but it allows user to book seat and then get a printed ticketfrom the travels.

The following are important tasks ofthis project:

  • Search for Bus services
  • Booking seats
  • Providing information about all services
  • Feedback regarding the services
  • Cancellation of booking

The following are the topics ofASP.NET used in this project.

  • Asp.Net 3.5
  • C# Language
  • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
  • Visual Studio.NET 2008
  • Layered Architecture with Presentation Layer (ASP.NET Pages), Business Logic Layer(BLL) and Data Access Layer (DAL)
  • All database manipulations are done with stored procedures.
  • Stored procedures are accessed using classes in DAL - Data Access Layer.
  • BLL is used to interact with DAL
  • ObjectDataSource is used in presentation layer to talk to BLL.
  • Master page and themes are used to uniform user interface
  • ADO.NET is used to access database

Stepsto download, deploy and run this project

The following are the steps to betaken to run the existing part of the application.

  1. Theproject comes with its own database, which is Database.mdf in App_Data folder. It contains required tables and stored procedures. So you need notcreate procedures and tables in the database.
    1. Open Visual Studio.NET 2008
    2. The database that is present in App_Data folder contains some sample data. Either you can experiment with existing data or create new data. Especially data into BUSES table must be inserted. You can also use generatebuses.aspx to generate data regarding buses for the given dates.


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123.JPG821.00 B21-08-07 21:26
bus.mdb612.00 kB19-09-07 01:20
Bus.vbp1.04 kB08-09-07 05:00
Bus.vbw512.00 B19-09-07 01:36
Form1.frm12.27 kB08-09-07 01:17
Form1.frx41.71 kB08-09-07 01:17
Form2.frm13.26 kB07-09-07 21:46
Form2.frx7.42 kB07-09-07 21:46
Form3.frm10.48 kB08-09-07 01:19
Form3.frx7.43 kB08-09-07 01:19
Form4.frm8.83 kB06-09-07 23:57
Form4.frx7.42 kB06-09-07 23:57
Form5.frm17.76 kB08-09-07 04:59
Form5.frx7.42 kB08-09-07 04:59
Form6.frm6.22 kB06-09-07 23:57
Form6.frx7.42 kB06-09-07 23:57
FOXUSER.DBF857.00 B07-09-07 23:09
FOXUSER.FPT4.50 kB07-09-07 23:09
frmChangePassword.frm8.35 kB06-09-07 23:57
frmSplash.frm4.77 kB06-09-07 23:57
frmSplash.frx35.12 kB06-09-07 23:57
front.JPG50.98 kB04-09-07 01:32
kerala1.jpg34.72 kB13-08-07 03:46
MDIForm1.frm2.46 kB04-09-07 05:19
MDIForm1.frx50.99 kB04-09-07 05:19
Module1.bas286.00 B21-08-07 04:24
MSSCCPRJ.SCC334.00 B15-02-09 10:54
new-look.png7.02 kB15-02-09 10:21
pic8.jpg34.28 kB25-02-09 10:08
Project1.vbp613.00 B15-02-09 12:01
Project1.vbw38.00 B25-08-07 01:00
snapshot-2007-08-28-10-39-18.jpg7.40 kB25-02-09 10:07
Thumbs.db18.00 kB04-09-07 01:32
<Busticketing>0.00 B26-10-11 22:39
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