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Harris corner detection code

2014-10-23 21:59:29
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Harris corner detection algorithm, computer vision field. 
1988 CHris Harris & Mike Stephens Harris corner detection algorithm is proposed, corner detection, as the name implies, is to detect corner points, the simplest is the intersection of two lines. Corner detection algorithm can be summarized into three categories: Based on grayscale image corner detection, corner detection of binary image based on the outline of the curve corner detection. Corner Detection Based on grayscale image can be divided into gradient-based, template-based combination of three categories based on the template gradient method, in which the template-based approach to consider the pixel area of the main points of the gray change and that change in image brightness, will work with neighborhood point luminance contrast large enough point is defined as the angle points. Harris corner detection algorithm is based on a corner detection algorithm template.
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Harris corner detection code (1.96 kB)

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