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QR decoder based on ARM9 project training

2014-11-18 05:09:53
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This is an embedded training project, moderate difficulty, use the QT4 knowledge, linux socket programming, arm drive, etc. ....... code is divided into three content, the client, which is the camera data collection terminal, the server , which is the two-dimensional code decoding side, use the button interrupts the driving part, pwd. Webcam is v4l2, which is vedio for linux, describes this part of the Internet there are many, I will not describe. Development board is mini440, memory size is 64M, the program may be larger point more strenuous, so I used the client / server model, that C / S mode.
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File list

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Name Size Date
c_socket.cpp6.06 kB17-11-14 10:41
c_socket.h469.00 B14-11-14 15:05
data_def.h1,016.00 B14-11-14 15:05
msg_def.h753.00 B16-11-14 11:52
data.cpp84.00 B14-11-14 12:55
data.h228.00 B16-11-14 10:39
database.cpp82.00 B14-11-14 12:55
database.h489.00 B14-11-14 12:55
form.cpp1,008.00 B14-11-14 13:25
form.h277.00 B14-11-14 13:23
libjpeg.so151.24 kB14-11-14 12:55
main.cpp356.00 B14-11-14 12:55
mainwindow.ui2.13 kB14-11-14 12:55
net.cpp528.00 B14-11-14 13:38
net.h92.00 B14-11-14 12:55
processImage.cpp4.36 kB17-11-14 23:16
processImage.h1.09 kB17-11-14 15:43
rcv_thread.cpp518.00 B14-11-14 13:16
rcv_thread.h387.00 B14-11-14 13:16
run.cpp4.63 kB17-11-14 23:17
run.h778.00 B17-11-14 15:19
usb.pro411.00 B17-11-14 10:44
usb.pro.user14.99 kB17-11-14 23:20
videodevice.cpp7.55 kB17-11-14 23:14
videodevice.h1.13 kB17-11-14 10:17
a.out6.27 kB16-11-14 16:29
led_button.c7.98 kB16-11-14 20:53
led_button_test.c2.42 kB16-11-14 16:56
Makefile485.00 B16-11-14 16:35
c_socket.o10.83 kB17-11-14 13:48
database.cpp72.00 B10-11-14 16:06
database.h190.00 B10-11-14 16:06
database.o2.93 kB17-11-14 13:48
main.cpp94.00 B10-11-14 20:26
main.o2.17 kB17-11-14 13:48
Makefile324.00 B13-11-14 15:27
ser27.79 kB17-11-14 13:48
ser_mng.cpp3.38 kB17-11-14 10:20
ser_mng.cpp~3.38 kB17-11-14 10:20
ser_mng.h130.00 B13-11-14 15:22
ser_mng.o13.48 kB17-11-14 13:48
zxing1.16 MB16-11-14 20:30
temp.txt51.00 B17-11-14 23:20
<share_folder>0.00 B18-11-14 17:27
<include>0.00 B18-11-14 17:27
<qt>0.00 B18-11-14 17:27
<qudong>0.00 B18-11-14 17:27
<server>0.00 B18-11-14 17:27
<二维码项目代码>0.00 B18-11-14 17:27
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QR decoder based on ARM9 project training

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QR decoder based on ARM9 project training (472.52 kB)

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