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2014-11-19 10:30:41
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This project is based on providing the college's hostel informaton to he students who want to seek admission.
This website also gives a glimpse of college like about the current news,updates,amendments made, etc.
this website is wholesolelly based on PHP.Its uses Static as well as Dynamic Pages.

* Registration Page
-user can register with username and password (encrypted with MD5 function)
-two users with same mobile number are not allowed.
-numeric captcha is implemeted.

* Student Login Page
-Student users registered with Registration Page can Login to view hidden information.
-Hidden information contains Mess Fees and Room Fees.
-Users can only view this page once they login.
-sessions are implemeted.

* Admininstrator Login (Backend)
-New admin acounts cannot be made manually for security reasons.
-Admin account has priviledges to edit the contents of the Website.
-Admin password is encrypted with MD5 Function.

*Session Modules
-All pages are protected by Session.
-Control Panel and Hostel Login pages cant be viewed by users without login. 

*PHP Functions
-Body OnLoad functions are used to keep Processing of PHP files faster on the server.
-All pages are connected by DB
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