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QRCODE generated 24-bit bmp bitmap

2014-11-27 04:15:32
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This is a simple example of the use of libqrencode library, the library from FUKUCHI Kentaro, used to generate QRCode text from bmp files. Online information about the library, but there is no simple example shows how to use it. In this project, demonstrating the solution occurs when using the library issue. Direct reference to compile the source code, there will be links to the conflict.

libqrencode support QRCode mode 2, JIS Lane described X0510: 2004 or ISO / IEC 18004. The current model does not support ECI and FNC1 QRCode Mode 1.

Many devices can read QRCode two-dimensional code, most smart phones contain QRCode reader, this format supports different data types: URL, contacts etc ..., in this case, is the URL encoding, when reading the smart phone can automatically connect to Ultramundum Foundation website. Most used QRCode Generator is libqrencode, but few examples of the use of the C / C ++, the only reference to the content of the document and some Doxygen's comments. I created a simple application for converting to QRCode URL and save it as Windows bmp files. By reading the code, you can learn how to use the library, or even other languages, as well as how to convert its internal format into a standard bitmap graphics.

Using the code
Code is really very simple, the main code file is QRGenerator.cpp, which has a standard C main () function. This is a Win32 console application. #define Can be modified by changing the generated files, color depth
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File list

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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
bitstream.obj12.64 kB2013-06-06 08:20
BuildLog.htm9.90 kB2014-11-17 13:46
mask.obj18.98 kB2013-06-06 08:20
mmask.obj11.62 kB2013-06-06 08:20
mqrspec.obj14.08 kB2013-06-06 08:20
mt.dep66.00 B2014-11-17 13:46
qrencode.obj43.03 kB2014-11-17 13:46
QRGenerator.exe.embed.manifest663.00 B2013-06-06 08:21
QRGenerator.exe.embed.manifest.res728.00 B2013-06-06 08:21
QRGenerator.exe.intermediate.manifest621.00 B2014-11-17 13:46
QRGenerator.obj10.69 kB2014-11-17 13:46
qrinput.obj68.86 kB2013-06-06 08:20
qrspec.obj22.93 kB2013-06-06 08:20
rscode.obj11.76 kB2013-06-06 08:20
split.obj13.83 kB2013-06-06 08:20
stdafx.obj3.78 kB2013-06-06 08:20
vc90.idb179.00 kB2014-11-17 13:46
vc90.pdb76.00 kB2014-11-17 13:46
01.97 kB
bitstream.c4.21 kB2013-05-16 01:07
bitstream.h1.40 kB2013-05-16 01:07
config.h230.00 B2013-05-16 01:07
mask.c6.79 kB2013-05-16 01:07
mask.h1.52 kB2013-05-16 01:07
mmask.c4.01 kB2013-05-16 01:07
mmask.h1.37 kB2013-05-16 01:07
mqrspec.c6.92 kB2013-05-16 01:07
mqrspec.h4.66 kB2013-05-16 01:07
qrenc.c21.53 kB2013-06-06 05:59
qrencode.c19.60 kB2014-11-17 13:46
qrencode.h20.17 kB2014-11-17 13:45
qrencode_inner.h2.71 kB2013-05-16 01:07
qrinput.c38.05 kB2013-05-16 01:07
qrinput.h3.57 kB2013-05-16 01:07
qrspec.c15.35 kB2013-05-16 01:07
qrspec.h5.70 kB2013-05-16 01:07
rscode.c8.96 kB2013-05-16 01:07
rscode.h1.43 kB2013-05-16 01:07
split.c7.20 kB2013-05-16 01:07
split.h1.87 kB2013-05-16 01:07
QRGenerator.cpp6.32 kB2014-11-17 13:21
QRGenerator.vcproj5.67 kB2014-11-17 12:27
QRGenerator.vcproj.BOCABLDINFUSION.Jijesoft.user1.40 kB2014-11-17 13:46
QRGenerator.vcproj.NCC1701A.TWOTM.user1.39 kB2013-06-06 08:21
QRGenerator.vcproj.PROXIMA.TWOTM.user1.38 kB2013-05-16 01:07
01.97 kB
bitstream.obj14.67 kB2014-11-17 12:27
BuildLog.htm20.70 kB2014-11-17 12:27
mqrspec.obj15.36 kB2014-11-17 12:27
qrspec.obj25.24 kB2014-11-17 12:27
rscode.obj14.02 kB2014-11-17 12:27
split.obj17.00 kB2014-11-17 12:27
stdafx.obj23.75 kB2014-11-17 12:27
vc90.idb67.00 kB2014-11-17 12:27
vc90.pdb68.00 kB2014-11-17 12:27
stdafx.cpp298.00 B2013-05-16 01:07
stdafx.h320.00 B2013-05-16 01:07
targetver.h765.00 B2013-05-16 01:07
QRGenerator.ncb3.89 MB2014-11-17 13:46
QRGenerator.sln899.00 B2013-05-16 01:07
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QRCODE generated 24-bit bmp bitmap (1.39 MB)

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