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LiteKeys - Hotkey Manager for Multiple Keyboards

2015-03-06 01:07:52
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Translated by  maninwest@Codeforge  Author:Vít Blecha @ Codeproject

The original purpose of the LiteKeys is to improve ergonomics while working with graphics tablet. However, the LiteKeys can enhance your workflow even when you are not using the tablet. You can use the extra keyboard to assign hotkeys for tasks that you perform repeatedly, which I found to be quite useful for example when editing markup language code. 

You can see the various actions that you can assign to keys with the LiteKeys below in the Features list.

Allows multiple keyboards to be recognized and used to trigger the hotkeys
Hotkeys can be defined for specific applications
Various actions can be assigned to the individual hotkeys (listed with examples how it can be used)
Simulate keystrokes (you can have a single key act as any keys combination to activate a keyboard shortcut)
Paste predefined text (can be used to reproduce the email signature, code blocks, etc.)
Paste text copied on the fly (this virtually allows you to have multiple clipboard slots for text)
Execute file (you can start some application, or run a script)
Setting through graphical user interface (no scripting or coding of any kind is needed)
Completely free, open source, without any advertising
Supported Operating Systems
The LiteKeys can be used in the following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

The LiteKeys project has been inspired by the HID macros developed by Petr Medek: HID macros.
The LiteKeys Settings is created using the Qt user interface framework: Qt.
The LiteKeys project is using the pugixml library by Arseny Kapoulkine for the XML file handling: pugixml.
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File list

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Name Size Date
ActionEmpty.png1.26 kB2014-12-05 21:42
ActionExecute.png1.65 kB2014-12-05 10:03
ActionKeys.png1.80 kB2014-12-05 22:39
ActionModeNext.png1.25 kB2014-12-05 00:43
ActionModePrevious.png1.13 kB2014-12-05 00:43
ActionModifOff.png1.63 kB2014-12-05 22:03
ActionModifOn.png2.15 kB2014-12-05 22:04
ActionModifToggle.png3.03 kB2014-12-05 22:04
ActionMultiCopy.png2.78 kB2014-12-05 12:26
ActionMultiPaste.png2.57 kB2014-12-05 12:26
ActionSleep.png3.25 kB2014-12-07 09:54
ActionText.png1.80 kB2014-12-05 10:39
InterfaceOverview.png132.79 kB2015-01-05 01:08
License.txt22.86 kB2015-01-05 10:22
LiteKeys.png8.35 kB2014-12-31 13:11
LiteKeysUsersGuide.css2.56 kB2015-01-05 13:16
LiteKeysUsersGuide.js3.07 kB2015-01-02 12:16
01.97 kB
License.txt34.98 kB2014-12-08 14:44
LiteKeys8.25 kB2015-01-04 10:21
LiteKeys.exe263.00 kB2015-01-05 16:28
LiteKeys.xml808.00 B2015-01-05 00:03
LiteKeysKeyboardHook.dll8.50 kB2015-01-05 16:28
LiteKeysSettings.exe9.49 MB2015-01-05 16:28
LiteKeysUsersGuide.xhtml177.91 kB2015-01-05 13:22
01.97 kB
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