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Voice MFCC feature extraction (voice recognition)

2015-04-07 04:28:19
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In the processing of speech signals, basically using short-acoustic parameters. Acoustic parameters of so-called short-time was consistent with 20~40 Ms a frame processed voice, by means of Fourier Transforms, and then after dimension discrete cosine transform of a feature. This feature is generally chosen is the hundreds of voice sampling points (20ms*8K=160), the output is a fixed dimension 39~57 dimension parameters, used for pattern recognition. MFCC is an auditory frequency cepstrum parameter, the parameters from the frequency of sound to the human ear's nonlinear psychological feelings reflect the speech characteristics of short-time magnitude spectrum, so in both speech recognition and speaker identification has been in an extremely wide range of applications.
This procedure for extracting the MFCC feature parameters of the voice files, input speech SPH format files, output-suffix parameters called MFC files. Taaa.SPH is the original audio files, MFCC feature of the taaa.MFC for the output parameter file. This program is in addition to extract characteristic parameters, also includes the activities endpoint detection (Voice Activity Detection, VAD), Cepstral mean elimination (Cepstral Mean Subtraction, CMS), RASTA
(RelAtive SpecTrAl) treatment processes such as filtering, higher order difference parameter.

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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
config.txt32.00 B2013-09-04 16:29
01.97 kB
MFCC1.exe52.00 kB2015-04-07 14:51
MFCC1.ilk277.55 kB2015-04-07 14:51
MFCC1.pdb403.00 kB2015-04-07 14:51
dsrFeVad.c14.98 kB2005-10-15 11:06
dsrFeVad.h1.51 kB2005-09-13 13:14
HList.exe268.00 kB2005-08-02 10:18
01.97 kB
MFCC1.sdf2.38 MB2015-04-07 15:07
MFCC1.sln961.00 B2015-04-07 14:38
MFCC1.v12.suo16.50 kB2015-04-07 15:07
01.97 kB
dsrFeVad.obj19.05 kB2015-04-07 14:51
MFCC1.log7.46 kB2015-04-07 14:51
01.97 kB
cl.command.1.tlog1,002.00 B2015-04-07 14:51
CL.read.1.tlog3.42 kB2015-04-07 14:51
CL.write.1.tlog664.00 B2015-04-07 14:51
link.command.1.tlog1.03 kB2015-04-07 14:51
link.read.1.tlog2.73 kB2015-04-07 14:51
link.write.1.tlog308.00 B2015-04-07 14:51
MFCC1.lastbuildstate142.00 B2015-04-07 14:51
mfcc_OB_batch.obj43.56 kB2015-04-07 14:51
vc120.idb51.00 kB2015-04-07 14:51
vc120.pdb76.00 kB2015-04-07 14:51
MFCC1.vcxproj4.11 kB2015-04-07 14:51
MFCC1.vcxproj.filters1.14 kB2015-04-07 14:43
MFCC1.vcxproj.user371.00 B2015-04-07 14:44
mfcc_OB_batch.c19.32 kB2015-03-17 14:31
taaa.mfc344.00 kB2015-04-07 14:51
taaa.sph738.19 kB2009-09-02 23:00
taaa.txt758.72 kB2015-03-12 08:36
<zero.txt>0.00 B2015-04-07 14:51
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Voice MFCC feature extraction (voice recognition) (1.68 MB)

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