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Power grid construction cost simulation system

2015-04-20 08:32:46
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Project Description: suppose a city n community, to achieve the grid between n community to connect with each other and construct a grid the city n community, bringing the total project cost lowest. Designed to be able to meet the requirements of the cost programme. Project functional requirements: in between each community can set up a grid line, has to pay the economic price. Between n communities there can be up to n (n-1)/2 lines, choose one of the n-1, bringing the total number of least-cost.
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ElectricityNetwork.h5.31 kB2014-12-10 00:49
MinSpanTree.h628.00 B2014-12-09 22:46
main.cpp153.00 B2014-12-09 22:45
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Power grid construction cost simulation system (2.70 kB)

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