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Logistics information management system-PHP source code

2015-05-04 23:59:46
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A simple logistics information management system, PHP to write
Logistics and distribution network using manual configuration of the source program 1. Additional databases will be copied to the db_wlgl folder in the data folder AppServ AppServMySQLdata folder under the install path, completing additional MySQL database operations. 2.  Under the program will be published to AppServ (1) wlgl copy in AppServ www folder under the installation path of the folder, as shown in Figure 1.1. Figure 1.1 copy path (2) open the IE browser, enter in the address bar, you can run the program. Note: the "" default port of "80" in the Apache server is installed if the port is not set by default, but user-defined (for example: 88), then you need to enter in the address bar "", you can run the program correctly. Instructions for use introduction with the speed of modern logistics information, traditional methods of logistics management is no longer adapted to the current requirements of logistics development, was replaced by computer-based logistics network management. To realize the management of logistics processes through the network, operational process for the enterprise not only save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources and time, improve the efficiency of logistics system, but also for corporate customers in establishing a new image, lay a good foundation for the development of enterprises. Handling precautions (1) the system administrator user name: tsoft, password is: 111. (2) this program in administrator login module of design in the using has MySQL5 in the of storage process technology, so in run the program zhiqian must to in program run of machine in the created a storage process, for administrator login of operation: created storage process of steps following: 1, and click "began" button, select "run" command, in pop-up of window in the entered "cmd", by enter; 2, and in command mode Xia began created storage process://connection database C:Documents Invokes the specified databases MySQL> and SettingsAdministrator>-proot//use db_wlglDatabase changed//MySQL> delimiter//MySQL> began creating a stored procedure create procedure admin_regs (in x varchar (    50),in y varchar(50)) -> begin -> select * from tb_admin where admin_user=x and admin_pass=y;    -> end; -≫//process using this Web site, please follow the procedure below: (1) first in the "customer information management" and "information management" add customer and vehicle information page. (2) in the "invoice" page added to invoice. You can also "source information" page, find the vehicle you want, and then through the "used car" button to add a invoice. (3) in the "invoice receipt confirmation" page to confirm your invoice. (4) in the "change password" page to change the password.
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readme.doc71.00 kB16-01-08 16:22
car.php3.29 kB03-12-07 18:15
car_insert_ok.php2.12 kB10-01-08 14:09
car_select.php2.38 kB10-01-08 14:14
conn.php124.00 B29-11-07 09:20
style.css576.00 B17-12-07 15:22
css_print.php2.15 kB26-12-07 14:19
customer.php2.12 kB26-12-07 13:15
customer_ok.php624.00 B25-11-07 22:56
db.opt65.00 B01-12-07 19:53
tb_admin.frm8.44 kB01-12-07 19:53
tb_admin.MYD516.00 B10-01-08 13:53
tb_admin.MYI2.00 kB10-01-08 13:53
tb_car.frm8.62 kB03-12-07 16:59
tb_car.MYD628.00 B10-01-08 14:53
tb_car.MYI2.00 kB10-01-08 14:53
tb_car_log.frm8.51 kB03-12-07 17:05
tb_car_log.MYD296.00 B14-01-08 08:55
tb_car_log.MYI2.00 kB14-01-08 08:55
tb_customer.frm8.52 kB01-12-07 19:53
tb_customer.MYD252.00 B10-01-08 14:53
tb_customer.MYI2.00 kB10-01-08 14:53
tb_shopping.frm8.90 kB03-12-07 16:17
tb_shopping.MYD1.13 kB14-01-08 08:55
tb_shopping.MYI2.00 kB14-01-08 08:55
delete_customer.php366.00 B25-12-07 16:27
fhd_qr.php742.00 B23-12-07 11:52
hwys.php4.38 kB03-12-07 18:15
dl.gif26.82 kB01-12-07 22:57
dl_03.gif2.79 kB01-12-07 22:54
dl_033.gif2.39 kB17-12-07 15:30
dl_034.gif2.10 kB17-12-07 15:38
dl_04.gif1.59 kB01-12-07 22:54
index_01_02.gif2.73 kB03-12-07 13:01
index_03.gif31.90 kB01-12-07 18:15
index_05.gif7.41 kB01-12-07 18:57
index_05_01.gif1.17 kB03-12-07 12:48
index_05_03.gif6.84 kB03-12-07 12:48
index_07.gif3.30 kB01-12-07 18:52
Thumbs.db35.50 kB15-02-08 17:08
wuliu.swf81.22 kB06-12-07 17:06
index.php2.31 kB11-01-08 15:41
indexs.php4.72 kB25-12-07 13:07
insert_dd.php2.15 kB25-12-07 15:22
insert_dds.php2.78 kB25-12-07 10:54
insert_dd_ok.php1.71 kB25-12-07 11:04
car_js.js2.44 kB25-12-07 10:44
select_dhd.php4.07 kB23-12-07 11:58
tc_dl.php124.00 B17-12-07 16:19
update_pass.php2.44 kB26-12-07 09:57
update_pass_ok.php1.15 kB26-12-07 10:00
xym1.php716.00 B28-10-07 20:40
<db_wlgl>0.00 B18-11-08 17:55
<conn>0.00 B18-11-08 17:55
<css>0.00 B18-11-08 17:55
<data>0.00 B18-11-08 17:55
<images>0.00 B18-11-08 17:55
<js>0.00 B18-11-08 17:55
<wlgl>0.00 B18-11-08 17:55
<物流配送管理系统>0.00 B24-11-08 10:59
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Logistics information management system-PHP source code (251.95 kB)

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