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Operating system larger experiments: the LINUX file system

2015-05-05 09:54:53
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操作系统操作系统 CPlusPlus, C-C++C++


, Experimental contents 1.   Design and implementation of a simulation file system requirements include directory, common files and file storage. You must have a custom data structure, you cannot directly invoke the Windows  API function that can not only implements a shell. 2.   File system directory structure using tree structure similar to Linux. 3.   Requires simulating operations include: a)   directory to add, delete, rename,; b)   directory display (list); c)   file additions, deletions, renaming,; d)   file and directory copying; e)   file read and write operations. 4.   Displays a list of commands that are available when the user enters; help displays the help documentation for all the commands entered by the user enter a command +; ? Displays instructions for using this command. 5.   User input when you exit out of the system. Second, experiment environment for operating system  Windows7 tools  visual C++
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File list

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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
copy.cpp3.41 kB2014-01-12 12:14
01.97 kB
copy.obj114.99 kB2014-01-18 18:29
delete.obj99.82 kB2014-01-18 18:29
edit.obj118.46 kB2014-01-18 18:29
FileSystem.exe652.08 kB2014-01-18 20:39
FileSystem.ilk1.19 MB2014-01-18 20:39
FileSystem.obj20.67 kB2014-01-18 18:29
FileSystem.pch5.27 MB2014-01-18 20:30
FileSystem.pdb1.49 MB2014-01-18 20:39
main.obj256.88 kB2014-01-18 20:19
New.obj117.56 kB2014-01-18 18:29
paste.obj49.07 kB2014-01-18 20:39
read.obj91.28 kB2014-01-18 18:29
rename.obj90.12 kB2014-01-18 18:29
setUser.obj19.84 kB2014-01-18 18:29
show.obj156.32 kB2014-01-18 18:35
vc60.idb225.00 kB2014-01-18 20:52
vc60.pdb140.00 kB2014-01-18 20:39
delete.cpp6.78 kB2014-01-12 12:19
edit.cpp778.00 B2014-01-11 22:06
FileSystem.cpp810.00 B2014-01-12 09:23
FileSystem.dsp4.90 kB2014-01-11 21:24
FileSystem.dsw526.00 B2014-01-11 21:24
FileSystem.h2.41 kB2014-01-12 12:14
FileSystem.ncb73.00 kB2014-01-18 22:02
FileSystem.opt50.50 kB2014-01-18 22:02
FileSystem.plg1.47 kB2014-01-18 20:39
main.cpp13.38 kB2014-01-18 20:19
New.cpp2.71 kB2014-01-18 18:24
paste.cpp2.92 kB2014-01-18 20:39
read.cpp795.00 B2014-01-11 20:04
rename.cpp1.58 kB2014-01-11 19:19
setUser.cpp393.00 B2014-01-18 18:28
show.cpp1.58 kB2014-01-18 18:35
users.ini39.00 B2014-01-18 18:42
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Operating system larger experiments: the LINUX file system (2.77 MB)

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