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MFC create personalized menu bar

2015-06-16 10:27:29
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Application background

The routine use of the Microsoft development tools mfc6.0, mainly aiming at the shortcomings of the MFC generation icon in the toolbar is too small to form a single, thereby creating a belongs to own personalized software toolbar, toolbar program code modifications on the toolbar that provides broad space for modification. Meet the aesthetic needs of different.This code is I spent a lot of time to explore out, after the actual testing available, online and unique.

Key Technology

1 generate a single document program through MFC.2 double click the CMainFram class, and define two CToolBar and protected to the right of the   member; CImageList object.3 ICON insert 8 ICO icons in the Rescourceview view.4 open the CMainFram function in the onCreate class to annotate the system generated toolbar code and add code to generate your own personalization toolbar.
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File list

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Name Size Date
MainFrm.obj22.52 kB16-06-15 21:52
StdAfx.obj102.98 kB16-06-15 21:38
TooBar.exe152.05 kB16-06-15 21:52
TooBar.ilk352.15 kB16-06-15 21:52
TooBar.obj22.22 kB16-06-15 21:38
TooBar.pch5.25 MB16-06-15 21:38
TooBar.pdb449.00 kB16-06-15 21:52
TooBar.res37.23 kB16-06-15 21:39
TooBarDoc.obj14.19 kB16-06-15 21:38
TooBarView.obj19.00 kB16-06-15 21:38
vc60.idb201.00 kB16-06-15 21:58
vc60.pdb356.00 kB16-06-15 21:52
<Debug>0.00 B16-06-15 21:52
MainFrm.cpp4.35 kB16-06-15 21:52
MainFrm.h1.57 kB16-06-15 21:38
ReadMe.txt4.21 kB16-06-15 21:36
bluetooth.ico3.55 kB16-06-15 21:39
DT.ico1.05 kB16-06-15 21:39
Halloween2.ico2.19 kB16-06-15 21:39
ico9012.ico766.00 B16-06-15 21:39
News.ico3.55 kB16-06-15 21:39
TooBar.ico1.05 kB16-06-15 21:36
TooBar.rc2398.00 B16-06-15 21:36
TooBarDoc.ico1.05 kB16-06-15 21:36
Toolbar.bmp1.05 kB16-06-15 21:36
User.ico3.55 kB16-06-15 21:39
WinDias.ico11.23 kB16-06-15 21:39
<Zip>0.00 B38% 16-06-15
<res>0.00 B16-06-15 21:39
resource.h953.00 B16-06-15 21:39
StdAfx.cpp208.00 B16-06-15 21:36
StdAfx.h1.03 kB16-06-15 21:36
TooBar.aps74.30 kB16-06-15 21:39
TooBar.clw2.14 kB16-06-15 22:24
TooBar.cpp4.11 kB16-06-15 21:36
TooBar.dsp4.98 kB16-06-15 21:40
TooBar.dsw518.00 B16-06-15 21:36
TooBar.h1.32 kB16-06-15 21:36
TooBar.ncb49.00 kB16-06-15 22:24
TooBar.opt48.50 kB16-06-15 22:24
TooBar.plg1.09 kB16-06-15 21:52
TooBar.rc11.88 kB16-06-15 21:39
TooBarDoc.cpp1.70 kB16-06-15 21:36
TooBarDoc.h1.44 kB16-06-15 21:36
TooBarView.cpp2.52 kB16-06-15 21:36
TooBarView.h1.85 kB16-06-15 21:36
<TooBar>0.00 B16-06-15 22:24
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MFC create personalized menu bar (1.91 MB)

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