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SystemView modulation and demodulation of 16QAM software

2015-06-21 09:17:51
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Application background

Application in communication system signal modulation and demodulation for example, through the Systemview software to build simulation platform for communication system and gives the signal modulation and demodulation process and waveform specific forms, and the actual communication environment, communication channel simulation by Gaussian noise.

Key Technology

SystemView is mainly used to build a communication system platform, the use of the software in the relevant parts of the signal modulation and transmission. The low pass filter to obtain baseband signal, then the SPDT Switch device to complete the sentence, decoding.
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File list

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Name Size Date
16QAM误码率测量.svu213.07 kB26-05-11|14:16
QAM仿真星座图.svu204.43 kB26-05-11|15:21
~svutemp.svu204.37 kB26-05-11|15:08
16QAM课程设计0.00 B09-12-11|17:06
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SystemView modulation and demodulation of 16QAM software (25.31 kB)

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