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SIFT openCL feature extraction

2015-07-03 03:58:19
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并行计算并行计算 CPlusPlus, C-C++C++


Application background

The exact definition of features is often determined by the type of problem or application. Feature is the "interesting" part of a digital image, which is the starting point of many computer image analysis algorithms. Therefore, the success of an algorithm is often determined by the characteristics of its use and definition. Therefore, the most important feature of feature extraction is the "repeatability": the same scene of the feature extraction is the same.

Key Technology

OpenCL is first for heterogeneous system general-purpose parallel programming open and free standard and also a uniform programming environment for software developers for high performance computing server and desktop computing system, handheld devices, portable code, and is widely used in multi core processor (CPU), graphics processor (GPU), cell type architecture and digital signal processor (DSP) etc. other parallel processors, has broad prospects for development in the field of games, entertainment, scientific research, medical.    
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File list

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Name Size Date
cl.command.1.tlog9.87 kB23-04-15 20:29
cl.read.1.tlog2.00 B23-04-15 20:29
cl.write.1.tlog3.05 kB23-04-15 20:29
<SIFT>0.00 B26% 23-04-15
cl.command.1.tlog7.59 kB23-04-15 16:46
CL.read.1.tlog72.15 kB23-04-15 16:46
CL.write.1.tlog8.29 kB23-04-15 16:46
<SIFT>0.00 B96% 23-04-15
<unsuccessfulbuild>0.00 B23-04-15 16:46
SIFTOpenCL.Build.CppClean.log283.00 B23-04-15 20:29
SIFTOpenCL.lastbuildstate76.00 B23-04-15 20:29
SIFTOpenCL.log1.57 kB23-04-15 20:29
<SIFTOpenCL.unsuccessfulbuild>0.00 B23-04-15 20:29
Descriptor.h294.00 B23-04-15 16:45
DetectExtrema.cpp4.69 kB23-04-15 16:45
DetectExtrema.h529.00 B23-04-15 16:45
GaussFilter.cpp1.68 kB23-04-15 16:45
GaussFilter.h354.00 B23-04-15 16:45
BlurGaussFilter.cl1.19 kB23-04-15 16:46
DetectExtrema.cl24.34 kB23-04-15 16:46
GPUCode.cl109.00 B23-04-15 16:46
Subtract.cl665.00 B23-04-15 16:46
GPUBase.cpp6.27 kB23-04-15 16:45
GPUBase.h4.57 kB23-04-15 16:45
imgfeatures.cpp13.88 kB23-04-15 16:45
imgfeatures.h4.71 kB23-04-15 16:45
kdtree.cpp14.63 kB23-04-15 16:45
kdtree.h3.56 kB23-04-15 16:45
main.cpp7.44 kB23-04-15 16:45
minpq.cpp4.80 kB23-04-15 16:45
minpq.h2.05 kB23-04-15 16:45
PyramidProcess.cpp1.15 kB23-04-15 16:45
PyramidProcess.h395.00 B23-04-15 16:45
<README>0.00 B23-04-15 16:45
Shared.h444.00 B23-04-15 16:45
<SIFT>0.00 B19% 23-04-15
<SIFT>0.00 B40% 23-04-15
<SIFT>0.00 B22% 23-04-15
<SIFT>0.00 B19% 23-04-15
SiftGPU.cpp28.70 kB23-04-15 16:45
SiftGPU.h3.13 kB23-04-15 16:45
SIFTOpenCL.sdf9.25 MB23-04-15 20:42
SIFTOpenCL.sln1.19 kB23-04-15 16:46
SIFTOpenCL.suo53.00 kB23-04-15 16:45
SIFTOpenCL.v11.suo88.50 kB23-04-15 20:42
SIFTOpenCL.vcxproj14.38 kB23-04-15 20:29
SIFTOpenCL.vcxproj.user221.00 B23-04-15 20:23
SIFTOpenCL_Processor.cpp1.90 kB23-04-15 16:46
stdafx.cpp285.00 B23-04-15 16:46
stdafx.h305.00 B23-04-15 16:46
Subtract.cpp1.29 kB23-04-15 16:46
Subtract.h277.00 B23-04-15 16:46
targetver.h752.00 B23-04-15 16:46
utils.cpp7.52 kB23-04-15 16:46
utils.h5.64 kB23-04-15 16:46
<SIFT>0.00 B0% 23-04-15
<OpenCL>0.00 B23-04-15 16:46
<Debug>0.00 B23-04-15 20:29
<GPU>0.00 B23-04-15 16:46
<SIFTOpenCL-master>0.00 B23-04-15 20:42
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