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2015-07-03 23:54:58
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Application background

Realization of DSP and serial touch screen communication. Due to the path of the problem, download the program, you may need to re add the include file, I think this is what we all know.

Key Technology

F28335 and serial interface to achieve the touch screen for SCI communications, the SCI port is configured for asynchronous communication USART bus, to achieve the receiving and sending function. The method of sending and receiving interrupt. And debug through.
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File list

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Name Size Date
.ccsproject565.00 B04-07-15 11:13
.cproject22.40 kB04-07-15 11:13
F28335_SCI_UART_LCM.launch4.93 kB04-07-15 11:13
.project3.21 kB04-07-15 11:19
org.eclipse.cdt.codan.core.prefs62.00 B08-04-15 16:59
org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core.prefs123.00 B27-06-15 21:26
org.eclipse.core.resources.prefs208.00 B08-04-15 17:09
28335_RAM_lnk.cmd7.10 kB08-04-15 16:59
ccsObjs.opt535.00 B04-07-15 11:19
DSP2833x_ADC_cal.obj1.45 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_CodeStartBranch.obj1.77 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_CpuTimers.obj6.08 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_CpuTimers.pp4.75 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_CSMPasswords.obj858.00 B04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_DefaultIsr.obj36.37 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_DefaultIsr.pp4.78 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_GlobalVariableDefs.obj119.37 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_GlobalVariableDefs.pp3.81 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_PieCtrl.obj6.03 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_PieCtrl.pp4.70 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_PieVect.obj17.60 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_PieVect.pp4.70 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_Sci.obj13.43 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_Sci.pp4.59 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_SysCtrl.obj16.72 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_SysCtrl.pp4.70 kB04-07-15 11:18
DSP2833x_usDelay.obj1.46 kB04-07-15 11:18
F28335_Sci_LCM.obj29.44 kB04-07-15 11:18
F28335_Sci_LCM.pp4.71 kB04-07-15 11:18
F28335_SCI_UART_LCM.map28.59 kB04-07-15 11:19
F28335_SCI_UART_LCM.out137.62 kB04-07-15 11:19
F28335_SCI_UART_LCM_linkInfo.xml130.76 kB04-07-15 11:19
makefile4.73 kB04-07-15 11:19
objects.mk261.00 B04-07-15 11:18
sources.mk1.88 kB04-07-15 11:19
subdir_rules.mk8.68 kB04-07-15 11:19
subdir_vars.mk3.76 kB04-07-15 11:19
F28335_Sci_LCM.c10.60 kB04-07-15 11:49
readme.txt806.00 B08-04-15 16:59
TMS320F28335.ccxml913.00 B04-07-15 11:13
<.launches>0.00 B09-04-15 16:47
<.settings>0.00 B27-06-15 21:26
<Debug>0.00 B04-07-15 11:19
<targetConfigs>0.00 B08-04-15 16:59
<F28335_SCI_UART_LCM>0.00 B09-04-15 16:47
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加载ccs 程序。程序显示缺少DSP2833x_Sci.obj。头疼

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F28335_SCI_UART_LCM (114.34 kB)

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