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IPC communication code TMS320C6670 multicore DSP

2015-07-21 04:43:48
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Application background

IPC (inter process communication and inter process communication) IPC (instruction per clock and CPU in each clock cycle to execute instructions) IPC represents a processor architecture design, once the processor design is completed, the IPC values will not be changed. Here, the IPC value plays a decisive role, and the frequency appears no longer above all.

Key Technology

IPC communication mechanism is: semaphore and shared memory, message queues, began to see when feeling a bit difficult, when I imitate the book program writes the code after, slowly understand.Signal quantity: PV operation in the operating system to achieve;Shared memory: apply for a piece of memory, process A to share memory to write, other processes can be read through the contents of shared memory to obtain the information transmitted by the process A;Message queue: create a message queue, the process A to write in the queue, then the process of B by reading the contents of the queue to get the process A transfer information.The concrete realization is realized by using three sets of functions, and the form is very similar.
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IPC communication code TMS320C6670 multicore DSP (72.76 kB)

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