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Using Qt to write a remote multimedia player, you can run on the ARM board

2015-09-25 05:19:49
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Application background

Remote multimedia player can be seen as a small set-top box, is an embedded system of multimedia player, to achieve the music files and video files, plus remote control functions, can be used in many places, such as smart car multimedia, intelligent furniture and other places

Key Technology

1 support to play video files2 support playing music file3 support display picture4 support through the remote control to play control5 with the SD card interface, can browse the file in the search for the SD card to automatically find media files6 support for file management7.QT interface programming
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File list

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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
Makefile10.50 kB2015-05-11 10:42
MultimediaPlayer1.26 MB2015-05-14 12:54
MultimediaPlayer.pro514.00 B2015-05-09 00:39
MultimediaPlayer.pro.user50.19 kB2015-05-23 11:59
01.97 kB
savelist.lst207.00 B2015-04-25 16:08
savelist.lst~207.00 B2015-04-18 09:37
image.qrc1.30 kB2015-04-30 14:26
01.97 kB
add.png81.25 kB2015-04-22 13:41
back.jpg17.15 kB2015-04-30 14:17
blue.jpg166.58 kB2015-04-24 12:25
close.jpg2.90 kB2015-04-24 12:17
close.png4.48 kB2013-05-16 13:29
dangreen.jpg3.92 kB2015-04-24 15:00
greenbackground.jpg165.16 kB2015-04-24 12:04
greenbackground1.jpg165.14 kB2015-04-27 20:41
icontupan.png63.98 kB2010-08-28 14:24
loop.png504.00 B2015-04-24 15:27
loop1.png2.61 kB2012-07-14 11:03
lrc.png118.72 kB2013-05-16 21:03
main.png193.35 kB2013-05-16 20:59
main1.png239.36 kB2013-05-16 08:58
max.png2.26 kB2015-04-30 11:23
min.jpg1.39 kB2015-04-24 16:10
mute1.png2.79 kB2008-07-16 10:00
mute2.png3.33 kB2008-07-16 10:00
next.jpg17.23 kB2015-04-30 14:12
normal.png2.14 kB2015-04-30 11:20
order.png236.00 B2015-04-24 15:27
pause.jpg16.68 kB2015-04-30 14:11
pause.png1.74 kB2012-07-14 11:04
pause1.jpg7.01 kB2015-04-30 14:22
play.jpg16.73 kB2015-04-30 14:10
play.png2.52 kB2012-07-14 11:04
prev.jpg17.10 kB2015-04-30 14:12
quick.jpg17.48 kB2015-04-30 14:18
rand.png3.20 kB2012-07-14 11:03
random.png462.00 B2015-04-24 15:28
sloop.png490.00 B2015-04-24 15:26
stop.jpg15.52 kB2015-04-30 14:11
stop.png1.69 kB2012-07-14 11:03
keythread.cpp2.16 kB2015-04-27 19:37
keythread.h268.00 B2015-04-22 13:41
keythread.o2.31 kB2015-05-11 10:42
main.cpp851.00 B2015-05-02 15:10
main.o1.65 kB2015-05-11 10:45
moc_keythread.cpp2.94 kB2015-05-11 10:43
moc_keythread.o4.40 kB2015-05-11 10:43
moc_playerwidget.cpp6.16 kB2015-05-11 10:46
moc_playerwidget.o9.44 kB2015-05-11 10:46
mp3file.cpp2.16 kB2015-05-09 00:14
mp3file.h2.55 kB2015-05-08 22:15
mp3file.o2.20 kB2015-05-11 10:42
picture.h764.00 B2015-05-10 16:27
playerwidget.cpp40.96 kB2015-05-14 12:54
playerwidget.h6.11 kB2015-05-11 10:45
playerwidget.o78.92 kB2015-05-14 12:54
playerwidget.ui15.48 kB2015-05-10 16:37
qrc_image.cpp5.97 MB2015-05-11 10:43
qrc_image.o1.17 MB2015-05-11 10:43
ui_playerwidget.h15.28 kB2015-05-11 10:42
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Using Qt to write a remote multimedia player, you can run on the ARM board (5.12 MB)

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