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Particle filter based on frame difference method is used to track the target.

2015-10-15 22:09:14
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Application background

The so-called particle filter is to find a set of random samples in the state space to approximate the probability density function, using the sample mean instead of integral calculation, and then obtain the system state of the minimum variance estimation process, the image of these samples is called "particle", so called particle filter.

Key Technology

Although the probability distribution of the algorithm is an approximate one, but because of the characteristics of the non parametric, it can get rid of the problem of nonlinear filtering. It must satisfy the Gauss distribution. It can be expressed more widely than Gauss model. Therefore, particle filter can be used to accurately express the posterior probability distribution of measurement and control, which can be used to solve the SLAM problem.
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Name Size Date
11.txt8.92 kB05-05-10 22:39
ellipse.c6.41 kB27-07-09 10:38
ellipse.dll80.00 kB27-07-09 10:38
license.txt694.00 B02-03-11 15:12
mexme_pf_color_tracker.m141.00 B27-07-09 10:38
particle_resampling.c5.15 kB27-07-09 10:40
particle_resampling.dll64.00 kB27-07-09 10:40
part_moment.c4.54 kB27-07-09 10:39
part_moment.dll64.00 kB27-07-09 10:40
pdfcolor_ellipserand.c13.22 kB27-07-09 10:33
pdfcolor_ellipserand.dll80.00 kB27-07-09 10:33
rgb2hsv_mex.c3.86 kB27-07-09 10:39
rgb2hsv_mex.dll60.00 kB27-07-09 10:39
SampleVideo.avi624.00 kB14-03-05 13:59
SECOND.AVI14.86 MB21-02-04 17:00
test_pf_colortracker.m9.06 kB15-10-15 12:42
参考文献.txt353.00 B06-05-10 15:55
<pf_colortracker>0.00 B16-10-15 09:48
<本例是一个采用帧差法的运动跟踪代码,其对背景不变的单目标有较好的处理>0.00 B16-10-15 09:49
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Particle filter based on frame difference method is used to track the target. (12.64 MB)

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