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CUDA on GPU N-Body

2015-10-24 21:19:40
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Application background

Implement N-BODY algorithm on GPU. The N-Body simulation problem covers many areas of natural science, from the viewpoint of the universe to the macroscopic fluid dynamics, until the microscopic molecular dynamics. For example through the research around the Galactic dark matter halos of shape and dynamic characteristics to explore the galaxy formation process and need to millions of stars and dark matter between the role of simulation. Modern chemistry and Biophysics in many studies, such as bacterial or plant photosynthetic membrane occurs at the light to chemical energy conversion, description of the chromosomal DNA and protein molecules, need simulating millions of atoms and molecules.

Key Technology

Two important features of the N-Body problem are: first, the size of the computation is large, because both the size of the universe and the micro scale of the micro scale. Because of the interaction between two particles in the system, O (N^2) is the order of magnitude of the interaction between two particles. In order to reflect the specific changes of the system, especially in the molecular structure, the time steps are small enough. These two features determine the huge amount of computation in computer simulation. This is a very difficult bottleneck for any single computer, so it is necessary to solve the problem of N-Body. Mainly related to data partitioning and thread task partitioning.
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nbody.cu625.00 B2014-08-29 10:03
nbody.h7.03 kB2014-09-10 21:36
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CUDA on GPU N-Body (2.94 kB)

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