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经典:用API 作简繁体转换 1. 输入Big5字符,返回Gb简体字符 //

2010-07-27 15:49:36
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------- //函数输入Big5字符,返回Gb简体字符 //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- AnsiString __fastcall Big2Gb(AnsiString sBig) { char* pszBig5=NULL //Big5编码的字符 wchar_t* wszUnicode=NULL //Unicode编码的字符 char* pszGbt=NULL //Gb编码的繁体字符 char* pszGbs=NULL //Gb编码的简体字符 AnsiString sGb //返回的字符串 int iLen=0 //需要转换的字符数-classic : A Brief History API for a change. Input Big5 characters return Gb English characters //---------------------------------------// Function input characters Big5 return Gb English characters //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- AnsiString __fastcall Big2Gb (AnsiString sBig) (char* pszBig5 = NULL// Big5 Coding wchar_t characters wszUnicode = NULL*// Unicode character encoding pszGbt char = NULL*// Gb coding of traditional characters pszGbs char = NULL*// Gb coding simplified characters AnsiString sGb// int iLen string = 0// need to change to the number of characters
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经典:用API 作简繁体转换 1. 输入Big5字符,返回Gb简体字符 // (1.13 kB)

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