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Delphi SMS cat interface source code, can be interactive

2016-01-14 00:13:23
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Application background

This development kit software for the wavecom free SMS development kit software, support Delphi development language, and provide a text messaging program for the development of reference for the development of.The cat SMS secondary development package is based on dynamic link library technology, with the development of the expansion, support the development of a variety of language, with the advantages of saving memory and can be seamlessly embedded enterprise OA system, the third party software system, customer management system and monitoring system, the application systems.
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File list

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Name Size Date
01.96 kB
logo.ico2.49 kB2003-04-08 16:43
Project1.dpr205.00 B2005-05-19 13:11
Project1.res2.63 kB2005-05-19 16:55
sms315.00 B2005-05-19 12:52
sms.dll717.50 kB2007-05-07 00:56
Unit1.dfm13.13 kB2007-05-07 00:59
Unit1.pas3.33 kB2007-05-07 00:58
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Delphi SMS cat interface source code, can be interactive (375.56 kB)

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