ntelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are a focus of public authorities and research communities in order for them to pro...">
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Communication Java ERP OBU GPS Machines Service

2016-02-16 05:34:12
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family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;line-height:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">ntelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are a focus of public authorities and research communities in order for them to provide effective solutions for improving citizens’ security and lifestyle. The effectiveness of such systems relies on the prompt processing of the acquired traffic- and vehicle-related information to react to congestion and dangerous situations. To obtain a dynamic and pervasive environment where vehicles are fully integrated in the ITS, low cost technologies (capable of strongly penetrating the market) must be made available by the effort of academic and industrial research. In this chapter, the authors discuss the design and implementation of a prototype vehicular unit capable of interacting with both roadside networks and in-vehicle electronic devices. More in detail, in order to scientifically characterize the solution, the authors start from a clear statement of the requirements that the vehicle equipment should respond to. Then they detail the selection of the off-the-shelf components adopted in the prototyped on-board unit. In the last part of the chapter, the authors discuss several possible applications in which the developed device can be adopted, as well as open issues for future research activities.
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Communication Java ERP OBU GPS Machines Service (4.85 kB)

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