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2010-04-29 14:42:35
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an MFC dialog based on the structure of the Mail this client, the Mail client can send attachments, support SMTP authentication server, BASE64 encoding. The procedure used MFC CSocket category development, the author himself was a CSMTP to various types of processing. Note that some applications to achieve in a DLL address. (Thanks to my friend jplou)
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Name Size Date
Output.h369.00 B04-05-01|11:00
04.00 B
Resource.h1.07 kB04-05-01|10:45
SendMail.ico1.05 kB04-05-01|09:12
SendMail.rc2400.00 B04-05-01|09:12
SendMail.aps35.59 kB04-05-01|10:45
SendMail.clw1.73 kB04-05-01|11:31
SendMail.cpp2.01 kB04-05-01|09:12
SendMail.dsp4.14 kB04-05-01|10:58
SendMail.h1.31 kB04-05-01|09:12
SendMail.plg551.00 B04-05-01|11:18
SendMail.rc6.24 kB04-05-01|10:45
SendMailDlg.cpp6.23 kB04-05-01|11:18
SendMailDlg.h1.61 kB04-05-01|11:05
Smtp_dll.dll152.06 kB04-05-01|11:28
Smtp_dll.lib2.00 kB04-05-01|11:28
smtp_dll.zip64.61 kB04-05-01|15:08
StdAfx.cpp210.00 B04-05-01|09:12
StdAfx.h999.00 B04-05-01|09:12
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一个基于MFC对话框结构的Mail发送客户端程序,该Mail客户端可以发送附件,支持SMTP服务器身份验证,BASE64编码。该程序用MFC的CSocket类开... (106.91 kB)

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