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Android face recognition function using source code

2016-04-06 22:57:58
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Android face recognition function, through the algorithm to achieve recognition of human face and draw a rectangular area of the human face, belonging to the Android small project of human face recognition, can be used to.
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Name Size Date
1-120ZZ05T50-L.png159.75 kB03-07-13|13:25
1_120909010130_1.png210.45 kB03-07-13|13:25
源码说明.txt776.00 B08-05-14|20:19
.classpath280.00 B07-06-11|13:06
.project840.00 B07-06-11|13:06
AndroidManifest.xml674.00 B07-06-11|13:06
classes.dex4.37 kB07-06-11|16:23
MainActivity$myView.class2.92 kB07-06-11|16:23
MainActivity.class655.00 B07-06-11|16:23
R$attr.class310.00 B07-06-11|13:54
R$drawable.class657.00 B07-06-11|13:54
R$layout.class364.00 B07-06-11|13:54
R$string.class397.00 B07-06-11|13:54
R.class429.00 B07-06-11|13:54
Face.apk490.63 kB07-06-11|16:23
resources.ap_486.08 kB07-06-11|13:54
default.properties362.00 B07-06-11|13:06
R.java1.13 kB07-06-11|13:54
icon.png4.05 kB07-06-11|13:06
p1.png32.33 kB07-06-11|13:18
p10.jpg29.12 kB07-06-11|13:54
p2.png42.12 kB07-06-11|13:18
p3.png100.40 kB07-06-11|13:18
p4.jpg54.67 kB07-06-11|13:38
p5.jpg84.39 kB07-06-11|13:38
p6.png16.04 kB07-06-11|13:38
p7.jpg51.79 kB07-06-11|13:38
p8.jpg22.00 kB07-06-11|13:50
p9.jpg22.13 kB07-06-11|13:54
pp.jpg20.62 kB07-06-11|13:09
icon.png1.68 kB07-06-11|13:06
icon.png2.51 kB07-06-11|13:06
main.xml382.00 B07-06-11|13:06
strings.xml181.00 B07-06-11|13:10
MainActivity.java2.52 kB07-06-11|16:22
face0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
face0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
face0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
com0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
com0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
drawable-hdpi0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
drawable-ldpi0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
drawable-mdpi0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
layout0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
values0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
com0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
bin0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
gen0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
res0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
src0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
assets0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
AndroidFaceTest0.00 B07-06-11|16:25
Android0.00 B0%|07-05-14
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这个东西不错 很有意思 很久之前就想做了



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