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2016-05-14 06:28:25
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Pro-origami is a system for automatically generating protein structure cartoons. The cartoons are intended to make protein structure easy to interpret by laying out the secondary and super-secondary structure in two dimensions in a manner that makes the structure clear.

The cartoons are drawn in a style similar to those that might be drawn manually using a tool such as Charles Bond's TopDraw application, rather than the purely topological style such as those drawn by TOPS, or the detailed hydrogen bonding diagrams drawn by HERA (PROMOTIF).

It uses constraint-based diagram layout to create the final cartoon. The system as a whole has two main phases. This repository contains only the code for the first phase, which takes atomic co-ordinates in PDB format as input and creates an SVG file as output. But this SVG file must then be processed by the Dunnart constraint-based diagram layout editor to create a viewable diagram in SVG format (which can then be converted to other formats). The source code for Dunnart itself (GPL software licence) is available from https://github.com/mjwybrow/dunnart/.

If you just want to look at some protein structure cartoons, or explore a few of your own structures, there is no need to install all this software yourself! You can run it interactively on the web server http://munk.cis.unimelb.edu.au/pro-origami/

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