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课程设计中首先采用Ising model的思想建立一个二维的模型,然后利用重要性抽样和Monte Carlo方法及其思想模拟铁磁...

2010-08-01 11:09:43
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First of all, curriculum design idea of the Ising model used to establish a two-dimensional model, the importance of sampling and then use Monte Carlo simulation methods and their idea of ferromagnetic- paramagnetic phase transition process. Paramagnetic material calculated average energy Ev, heat capacity Cv, magnetization M and susceptibility X value, and then study Ev, Cv, M, X and temperature changes in the relationship between T and plotted into Ev-T map, Cv- T diagram, MT map, XT maps drawn paramagnetic material can be increased as the temperature increased and then stabilized value heat capacity Cv, magnetic susceptibility X as the temperature increases after the first minus small magnetization M in the transition temperature Tc decreases rapidly to zero Department to identify ferromagnetic phase transition around the transition temperature Tc for 2.35
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课程设计中首先采用Ising model的思想建立一个二维的模型,然后利用重要性抽样和Monte Carlo方法及其思想模拟铁磁... (1.48 MB)

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