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2016-05-17 17:19:18
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KGN 3D Graph Calculator is Mathematics-Engineering tool.It runs on standard browser as Java Applet. It takes a two variable function and draws its corresponding 3D graph. The independent variables x and z are mapped according to the function y=f(x,z) and plotted as a 3D graph.It draws in both cloud and wireframe model.User can zoom in and out the graph giving them experience of handling a real model. The graph project itself as a movable object and can be rotated just by mouse dragging .

On screen both horizontal and longitudinal translation are possible. Background and frame color can be customized with the color chooser. For better visibility graph can be drawn in both multi an monochrome The input range and graph density can also be customized. The application studies what are the effect of sinusoidal wave y=sin(x) i.e. in x direction on any surface given by function y=f(x,z) .This is done by sending wave of sin(x) on the surface of f(x,z).

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Name Size Date
Edge.class280.00 B2012-02-29 04:32
Edge.java239.00 B2012-02-29 03:36
guffyLove$Rotator.class668.00 B2012-12-23 16:57
guffyLove$SineWaveGenerator.class1.31 kB2012-12-23 16:57
guffyLove.class19.30 kB2012-12-23 16:57
guffyLove.java33.97 kB2012-12-23 16:56
KGN2.30 kB2012-12-23 19:03
Point3D.class447.00 B2012-07-13 06:39
Point3D.java390.00 B2012-07-13 06:39
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3D Graph Calculator (20.57 kB)

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