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A flexible CSS framework for robust layouts. It's all about boxes...

2016-05-18 03:01:42
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Are you tired of doing the same things over and over again when you start a new web project? DraftCSS is an easy to use CSS Framework. Draft CSS aims to cut down on your CSS development time. It provides web designers with a standard template for their projects.


  • Robust & Flexible layouts based on floats.
  • It allows you to combine 6 Layouts with 3 Boxes
  • A stylesheet for printing, content, layouts, ie hacks and the core
  • Easy to understand, structured CSS Code
  • Based on web standards

Planned Features:

  • Debug Mode
  • Plugins

Feel free to use it. If you want to support me; drop me a line with a link where you used it.

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File list

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Name Size Date
01.96 kB
style.css1.16 kB2008-01-13 20:57
style_content.css3.87 kB2008-01-13 14:17
style_core.css1.14 kB2008-01-13 14:17
style_iehacks.css370.00 B2008-01-13 14:17
style_layout.css1.29 kB2008-01-13 14:17
style_print.css539.00 B2008-01-13 14:17
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
index.php2.91 kB2008-01-13 20:57
01.96 kB
minmax.js4.40 kB2007-06-01 16:48
01.96 kB
01.96 kB
<layout-0-0.css>0.00 B2008-01-11 15:36
layout-0-1.css260.00 B2008-01-13 13:11
layout-0-2.css273.00 B2008-01-13 13:13
layout-0-3.css304.00 B2008-01-13 13:15
01.96 kB
layout-1-0.css281.00 B2008-01-13 13:04
layout-1-1.css404.00 B2008-01-13 13:31
layout-1-2.css417.00 B2008-01-13 13:32
layout-1-3.css587.00 B2008-01-13 13:32
01.96 kB
layout-2-0.css281.00 B2008-01-13 13:16
layout-2-1.css404.00 B2008-01-13 13:33
layout-2-2.css417.00 B2008-01-13 13:33
layout-2-3.css587.00 B2008-01-13 13:33
01.96 kB
layout-3-0.css282.00 B2008-01-13 13:17
layout-3-1.css405.00 B2008-01-13 13:34
layout-3-2.css418.00 B2008-01-13 13:34
layout-3-3.css588.00 B2008-01-13 13:34
01.96 kB
layout-4-0.css267.00 B2008-01-13 11:26
layout-4-1.css390.00 B2008-01-13 13:38
layout-4-2.css403.00 B2008-01-13 13:38
layout-4-3.css573.00 B2008-01-13 13:38
01.96 kB
layout-5-0.css267.00 B2008-01-13 11:26
layout-5-1.css390.00 B2008-01-13 13:40
layout-5-2.css403.00 B2008-01-13 13:40
layout-5-3.css573.00 B2008-01-13 13:40
01.96 kB
layout-6-0.css249.00 B2008-01-13 11:26
layout-6-1.css372.00 B2008-01-13 13:42
layout-6-2.css385.00 B2008-01-13 13:42
layout-6-3.css555.00 B2008-01-13 13:42
01.96 kB
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A flexible CSS framework for robust layouts. It's all about boxes... (15.88 kB)

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