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Minecraft Map Plotter

2016-05-18 03:11:26
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Create images (maps) from Minecraft world and use your own scripts to add visualization of data (such as activity data from Minecraft servers).

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Name Size Date
01.96 kB
CHANGELOG.TXT63.00 B2011-07-09 17:28
01.96 kB
commons-compiler-jdk.jar42.31 kB2010-06-24 07:16
commons-compiler.jar29.22 kB2010-06-24 07:16
h2.jar1.17 MB2011-06-29 21:03
janino.jar588.20 kB2010-06-24 07:16
jopt-simple-3.3.jar53.24 kB2011-07-03 14:09
mysql-connector-java-bin.jar767.58 kB2011-07-02 21:05
mysql.jar686.78 kB2011-06-29 21:03
postgresql.jar490.91 kB2011-06-29 21:03
LICENCE.TXT1.44 kB2011-07-09 17:26
mcworldplot.bat301.00 B2011-07-09 15:05
mcworldplot.jar60.99 kB2011-07-09 16:26
mcworldplot.properties81.00 B2011-07-09 16:35
mcworldplot.sh296.00 B2011-07-09 15:21
mcworldplot_osx.command306.00 B2011-07-09 15:21
README.TXT877.00 B2011-07-09 17:27
01.96 kB
normal_map_huge_world.png4.87 MB2011-07-09 15:34
normal_map_small_world.png20.45 kB2011-07-09 15:31
scaled_map_small_world.png2.21 kB2011-07-09 15:12
small_map_load.gif238.41 kB2011-07-09 16:34
small_map_pulse.gif237.89 kB2011-07-09 16:19
small_map_timelapse.gif861.06 kB2011-07-09 16:07
01.96 kB
heatmap_pulse.java1.67 kB2011-07-09 16:19
heatmap_pulse_load_map.java1.92 kB2011-07-09 16:34
heatmap_timelapse.java2.61 kB2011-07-09 16:07
scaled_map.java2.02 kB2011-07-09 14:50
simple_map.java1.71 kB2011-07-09 15:31
source.zip110.40 kB2011-07-09 16:35
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Minecraft Map Plotter (9.52 MB)

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