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Code used to create a touch screen car game using the tactile.

2016-05-19 06:40:26
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The World There will be four intersections, one for each player A traffic jam occurs when cars fill one or both streets The opponents can try to crash cars on the players' intersection After a crash, the crashed cars disappear after 5 seconds but you have to make sure no others crash before it disappears To win the game, you must be the only one without a traffic jam in your intersection

Car Cars will automatically drive across the screen but can be stopped or pushed to speed up Cars will only drive in one direction and cannot drive off of the road. The car crashes when it is hit by another car Player There will be four human players Players are competing with one another to win the game A player's game is ended when there is a traffic jam in their intersection

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Code used to create a touch screen car game using the tactile. (1.94 kB)

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