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2016-05-19 22:33:37
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So after the Mac update, you had to type all the commands again into the console. Since I want to get that done quick I made some changes to the menu.


First of all, put the files into Steam\steamapps\YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME\team fortress 2

To adjust the 3 servers, go to the gamemenu.res and search for fav1. Insert the IP and if needed, the password. If you have the rcon password, write it in there too. In “tooltip” you can put your desired server name (so instead of "Favorite Server #1" it could be "My Clans Awesome Warserver"). Do the same for fav2 and fav3.

You now configured your favorite gameservers and you are ready to play.

notice If you are on a server, for which you dont have the rcon, dont press on the server command buttons (e.g. changelevel, tournament mode on/off), because you can get banned for using the wrong rcon... so just press the buttons if you have the rcon.

If you know any other useful commands just post them in the issues and i'll include them

My Game resolution is 1366x766. I can't tell how it will look like if you run lower or higher resolutions. I included a version for lower res, where the buttons arent cut-off.

Update October 1st 20pm

- added store button
- added alert panel
- removed featured item in menu (it can be still viewed when pressed on the store button)
- new style of the tutorial, mute, etc buttons

Update July 23rd 1am

- updated coldfront version (to the offical version)
- updated the buttons on the bottom because valve decided to change the color of those buttons (icons had the same color).

Update July 2nd 11am

- Because gullywashimp3 will be used i updated the changelevel command of gullywash to cpgullywash_imp3
- I also fixed the recent achievements icons to be displayed correctly

Update June 17th 11am

- some minor fixes and tweaks(for example the motd panel)
- I also added a version for lower resolutions (smaller than 1366x766 and/or 4:3 aspect ratio). Since I moved most of the buttons, some where cut-off, so I moved some back, so it would fit the screen. Thanks to Gamb1t for the feedback.

Mini update June 16th

- Changed the quit button (when you are connected to a server) to ask if you really want to quit. This helps if you dont want to quit the game, but accidentally hit the quit button. Also you actually just have to update the "MainMenuOverride.res" in tf\resource\ui. That way you dont have to retype your favorites to gamemenu.res.

Update June 15th 7pm

- smaller header and footer
- added quit button when connected to a server
- removed esl configs
- moved most of the buttons

Update June 13th 3am

- changed some icons
- changed some text
- moved buttons
- removed some buttons
- removed box behind the big buttons

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GameMenu.res4.06 kB01-10-10 19:45
MainMenuOverride.res65.65 kB01-10-10 20:18
<ui>0.00 B12-06-10 22:47
<resource>0.00 B15-06-10 19:46
<tf>0.00 B15-06-10 19:45
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My custom Gamemenu (5.57 kB)

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