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Fundamentals of image processing algorithm source code

2016-09-06 02:11:01
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    Resources main including 256 color turned gray figure, and Hough transform, and Walsh transform, and compared degrees stretch, and II value of transform, and anti-color, and square coding, and FT leaves transform, and Gaussian smooth, and gray balanced, and are value filter, and Laplace sharp of, and discrete cosine transform, and brightness increases or decreases, and inverse filter processing, and take logarithmic, and take index, and gradient sharp of, and image mirror, and image translation......
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Name Size Date
256色转灰度图.rar147.61 kB13-12-05 22:49
Hough变换.rar5.39 kB13-12-05 22:50
Walsh变换.rar149.71 kB13-12-05 22:51
中值滤波.rar145.89 kB13-12-05 22:50
二值化变换.rar111.39 kB13-12-05 22:52
亮度增减.rar194.13 kB13-12-05 22:58
傅立叶变换.rar144.32 kB13-12-05 22:55
反色.rar148.02 kB13-12-05 22:54
取对数.rar137.15 kB13-12-05 22:58
取指数.rar135.49 kB13-12-05 22:58
图像平移.rar251.68 kB13-12-05 22:59
图像旋转.rar213.69 kB13-12-05 23:00
图像细化.rar53.84 kB13-12-05 22:59
图像缩放.rar192.62 kB13-12-05 22:59
图像镜像.rar201.03 kB13-12-05 22:59
均值滤波.rar124.19 kB13-12-05 22:57
对比度拉伸.rar153.82 kB13-12-05 22:51
拉普拉斯锐化(边缘检测).rar156.55 kB13-12-05 22:57
方块编码.rar140.64 kB13-12-05 22:55
梯度锐化.rar55.26 kB13-12-05 22:58
灰度均衡.rar49.18 kB13-12-05 22:55
直方图均衡.rar125.22 kB13-12-05 23:01
离散余弦变换.rar146.42 kB13-12-05 22:57
维纳滤波处理.rar1.29 kB13-12-05 22:59
逆滤波处理.rar1.16 kB13-12-05 22:58
阈值变换.rar732.00 B13-12-05 23:01
高斯平滑.rar129.50 kB13-12-05 22:55
<图像处理基础算法源代码>0.00 B01-09-16 15:43
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