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2016-12-09 04:57:01
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public class ExprSupport {
    private static final Object lock = new Object();
    private static final GroovyShell shell;
    private static Hashtable cache = new Hashtable();
    static {
        CompilerConfiguration cfg = new CompilerConfiguration();
        shell = new GroovyShell(cfg);
    public static Object parseExpr(String expr) {
        Script s = getScriptFromCache(expr);
        return s.run();
    public static Object parseExpr(String expr, Map<?, ?> map) {
        Binding binding = new Binding(map);
        Script script = getScriptFromCache(expr);
        return script.run();
    private static Script getScriptFromCache(String expr) {
        if (cache.contains(expr)) {
            return cache.get(expr);
        synchronized (lock) {
            if (cache.contains(expr)) {
                return cache.get(expr);
            Script script = shell.parse(expr);
            cache.put(expr, script);
            return script;
     * @param args
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Map row = new HashMap();
        row.put("id", 42);
        row.put("name", "");
        System.out.println(ExprSupport.parseExpr("nvl(id,0)", row));
        System.out.println(ExprSupport.parseExpr("nvl(name,'anonymous')", row));
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