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linux OS封装好的函数

2017-02-16 21:38:49
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Linux系统函数2次封装,包括文件操作,网络操作,比如int OSA_queCreate(OSA_QueHndl *hndl, Uint32 maxLen),比较规范,包括头文件和.c文件。int OSA_fileReadFile(char *fileName, Uint8 *addr, Uint32 readSize, Uint32 *actualReadSize)
  int retVal = OSA_SOK;
  Uint8  *curAddr;
  Uint32 readDataSize, fileSize, chunkSize=1024*100;
Uint32 userReadSize;

  FILE *hndlFile;

  OSA_printf(" [FILE ] Reading file [%s] ... ", fileName);
  hndlFile = fopen(fileName, "rb");

  if(hndlFile == NULL) {
  retVal = OSA_EFAIL;
    goto exit;


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File list

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Name Size Date
01.97 kB
01.97 kB
osa.h2.91 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_buf.h1.28 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_debug.h1.72 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_dma.h2.20 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_eth_client.h489.00 B2017-01-19|13:14
osa_eth_server.h556.00 B2017-01-19|13:14
osa_event.h4.51 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_file.h250.00 B2017-01-19|13:14
osa_i2c.h1.71 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_mbx.h1.08 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_msgq.h1.05 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_mutex.h349.00 B2017-01-19|13:14
osa_pipe.h786.00 B2017-01-19|13:14
osa_prf.h1.13 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_que.h643.00 B2017-01-19|13:14
osa_sem.h415.00 B2017-01-19|13:14
osa_thr.h752.00 B2017-01-19|13:14
osa_tsk.h1.37 kB2017-01-19|13:14
01.97 kB
MAKEFILE.DEPEND116.89 kB2017-01-19|13:14
MAKEFILE.MK164.00 B2017-01-19|13:14
osa.c3.55 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_buf.c3.03 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_dma.c5.98 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_eth_client.c1.57 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_eth_server.c2.81 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_event.c9.50 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_file.c2.53 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_i2c.c11.28 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_mbx.c5.99 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_msgq.c3.04 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_mutex.c663.00 B2017-01-19|13:14
osa_pipe.c5.29 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_prf.c1.92 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_que.c2.96 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_sem.c1.53 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_thr.c2.07 kB2017-01-19|13:14
osa_tsk.c3.10 kB2017-01-19|13:14
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linux OS封装好的函数 (33.38 kB)

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