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Colorex! An old game remade!

2017-08-14 08:25:29
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This is an old legendary game taken from c++ from scratch. I am modernizing the code as its all c++98 which is ancient, right now this project is still in the very early stages, but here is the code updated with std::vector instead of arrays and other STL goodies added. I am trying to get opengl in so it has a better gui than just text.

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01.97 kB
.gitignore270.00 B2017-06-24|06:22
README.md397.00 B2017-06-24|06:22
decryptix.cpp660.00 B2017-06-24|06:22
defs.h619.00 B2017-06-24|06:22
game.cpp5.58 kB2017-06-24|06:22
game.h738.00 B2017-06-24|06:22
linklistgame.h537.00 B2017-06-24|06:22
oopdecryptix.cpp621.00 B2017-06-24|06:22
oopgame.cpp3.79 kB2017-06-24|06:22
oopgame.h664.00 B2017-06-24|06:22
ooplinklist.cpp1.95 kB2017-06-24|06:22
ooplinklist.h1.39 kB2017-06-24|06:22
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Colorex! An old game remade! (8.98 kB)

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