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Code to check if a file exists on your computer

2017-08-23 06:58:14
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01.96 kB
clearlog.bat15.00 B2003-03-12|20:26
rundemo1.bat195.00 B2003-03-12|20:26
input23.txt16.00 B2003-03-12|20:26
common.cpp3.32 kB2003-03-12|20:26
rules1b.txt89.00 B2003-03-12|20:26
turing-s.h28.48 kB2003-03-12|20:26
rundemo2.bat195.00 B2003-03-12|20:26
readme.txt3.88 kB2003-03-12|20:26
cleanall.bat12.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
version.h1.57 kB2003-03-12|20:27
service.h892.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
alphabt2.txt11.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
alphabt1.txt11.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
input11.txt9.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
compile.bat19.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
input12.txt11.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
input21.txt10.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
version.cpp1,023.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
input22.txt10.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
main.cpp730.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
t-show.cpp33.11 kB2003-03-12|20:27
macro.h2.05 kB2003-03-12|20:27
t-aux.cpp31.58 kB2003-03-12|20:27
runhelp.bat24.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
t-manage.cpp77.86 kB2003-03-12|20:27
metafile.1456.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
rules.h6.98 kB2003-03-12|20:27
metafile.all608.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
rules1a.txt65.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
rules2b.txt335.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
Makefile3.09 kB2003-03-12|20:27
rules.cpp20.04 kB2003-03-12|20:27
run.cpp56.64 kB2003-03-12|20:27
states1.txt15.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
states2.txt21.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
service.cpp3.70 kB2003-03-12|20:27
symbol.cpp1.84 kB2003-03-12|20:27
t-daemon.cpp2.57 kB2003-03-12|20:27
common.h3.93 kB2003-03-12|20:27
defs.h990.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
t-descr.cpp10.60 kB2003-03-12|20:27
tape.h2.64 kB2003-03-12|20:27
t-rulout.cpp5.88 kB2003-03-12|20:27
metafile.2152.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
t-getval.cpp13.20 kB2003-03-12|20:27
t-rulin.cpp60.40 kB2003-03-12|20:27
symbol.h1.74 kB2003-03-12|20:27
cleanobj.bat13.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
t-istype.cpp6.04 kB2003-03-12|20:27
run.h4.87 kB2003-03-12|20:27
enums.h9.85 kB2003-03-12|20:27
t-maxval.cpp3.45 kB2003-03-12|20:27
rules1c.txt109.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
rules1d.txt85.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
descr1a.txt515.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
t-tapes.cpp48.26 kB2003-03-12|20:27
rules2a.txt323.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
descr2a.txt321.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
descr2b.txt320.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
descr1b.txt514.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
descr1c.txt514.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
descr1d.txt515.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
t-xstate.cpp3.30 kB2003-03-12|20:27
tape.cpp9.44 kB2003-03-12|20:27
rules2b.ba2347.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
rules2b.ba1359.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
descr1e.txt515.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
rules1e.txt109.00 B2003-03-12|20:27
01.96 kB
INTRO.TXT13.31 kB2003-03-13|21:11
@PSC_ReadMe_5881_3.txt1.50 kB2003-03-13|14:19
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It looks really useful. I have lots of files with phone numbers sorted by area codes. I search for codes here https://areacodes.net/706 by the way. So, I would like to have a script which can search for these files and check if they exist or not. Thanks!

Code to check if a file exists on your computer (85.25 kB)

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