Home » Source Code » 上面都是C版本,最后给一个linux下as86编译的汇编版本. 就是用串口通讯线将两台机子用串口连起来进行通讯,最简单的。比如在a机上输入一个字符,在b机上...

上面都是C版本,最后给一个linux下as86编译的汇编版本. 就是用串口通讯线将两台机子用串口连起来进行通讯,最简单的。比如在a机上输入一个字符,在b机上...

2010-08-08 11:45:43
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above are C version linux finally given a clock under the compilation compiler versions. Serial communication is to use two machines will be used Serial Link together communications, the most simple. For example, in a plane into a character, b plane will display
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上面都是C版本,最后给一个linux下as86编译的汇编版本. 就是用串口通讯线将两台机子用串口连起来进行通讯,最简单的。比如在a机上输入一个字符,在b机上... (947.00 B)

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