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2010-08-09 04:46:11
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recive data from serial prot and save the data to the database
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Name Size Date
KrrCom.cpp9.06 kB20-08-04 15:32
KrrCom.h1.39 kB20-08-04 13:55
MainFrm.cpp2.45 kB20-08-04 15:44
MainFrm.h1.54 kB20-08-04 15:44
RcvStudent.aps44.08 kB27-07-04 16:15
RcvStudent.clw2.81 kB27-07-04 16:53
RcvStudent.cpp3.98 kB20-08-04 15:44
RcvStudent.dsp4.78 kB20-08-04 16:26
RcvStudent.dsw543.00 B20-08-04 15:49
RcvStudent.h1.37 kB20-08-04 15:44
RcvStudent.ncb121.00 kB27-07-04 16:53
RcvStudent.opt53.50 kB27-07-04 16:53
RcvStudent.plg2.17 kB27-07-04 16:40
RcvStudent.rc11.50 kB27-07-04 16:15
RcvStudentDoc.cpp1.53 kB20-08-04 15:44
RcvStudentDoc.h1.50 kB20-08-04 15:44
RcvStudentSet.cpp1.43 kB20-08-04 15:44
RcvStudentSet.h1.31 kB20-08-04 15:44
RcvStudentView.cpp3.66 kB27-07-04 16:40
RcvStudentView.h2.12 kB27-07-04 13:32
ReadMe.txt4.18 kB20-08-04 15:44
RcvStudent.ico1.05 kB20-08-04 15:44
RcvStudent.rc2402.00 B20-08-04 15:44
RcvStudentDoc.ico1.05 kB20-08-04 15:44
Toolbar.bmp1.17 kB20-08-04 15:44
resource.h917.00 B20-08-04 16:07
StdAfx.cpp212.00 B20-08-04 15:44
StdAfx.h1.08 kB20-08-04 15:44
<res>0.00 B23-05-08 14:47
<实例96(串口接收数据并保存到数据库)>0.00 B23-05-08 14:47
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通过串口接收数据,并把接收到的数据保存到数据库中 (52.80 kB)

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