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2010-08-10 11:13:03
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Video Server-Based Video Conversion Program, 2M MPEG4 encoded bit stream.
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Name Size Date
MediaConverter0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
MediaConverter0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
lib0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
FFCODEC0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
Debug0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
Release0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
mpeg40.00 B22-06-07|16:15
Debug0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
Release0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
MediaConverter.aps57.67 kB07-02-07|19:09
MediaConverter.cpp1.92 kB06-02-07|18:46
MediaConverter.h550.00 B06-02-07|18:46
MediaConverter.rc5.72 kB07-02-07|19:09
MediaConverter.vcproj5.19 kB08-02-07|18:18
MediaConverterDlg.cpp12.50 kB08-02-07|18:17
MediaConverterDlg.h1.15 kB07-02-07|19:09
MediaLib0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
src0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
AVIWriter.cpp12.71 kB08-02-07|18:17
AVIWriter.h1.10 kB08-02-07|11:14
ConvertMP4ToJpg.cpp6.15 kB08-02-07|18:18
DefCode.h46.60 kB24-11-06|17:54
FFMCODEC.h268.00 B15-09-06|17:41
linklist.h8.43 kB25-05-06|14:05
MPEG4Reader.cpp27.29 kB06-02-07|18:52
MPEG4Reader.h10.17 kB29-08-06|16:39
SeqHeader.h41.41 kB09-11-06|11:45
ReadMe.txt4.26 kB06-02-07|18:46
res0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
MediaConverter.ico21.12 kB20-04-01|15:48
MediaConverter.manifest704.00 B06-02-07|18:46
MediaConverter.rc2405.00 B06-02-07|18:46
resource.h824.00 B07-02-07|11:37
stdafx.cpp214.00 B06-02-07|18:46
stdafx.h1.82 kB06-02-07|18:46
TEMP.h6.99 kB07-02-07|14:50
ximage0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
inc0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
xfile.h2.60 kB27-06-04|19:29
ximabmp.h2.51 kB27-06-04|19:31
ximacfg.h1.76 kB10-10-04|23:04
ximadef.h3.68 kB08-09-04|11:05
ximage.h23.52 kB26-07-06|18:14
ximagif.h7.91 kB09-10-04|17:58
ximaico.h1.38 kB27-06-04|19:34
ximaiter.h6.92 kB03-10-04|14:01
ximaj2k.h1.34 kB27-06-04|19:34
ximajas.h2.55 kB19-09-04|21:39
ximajbg.h1.27 kB27-06-04|19:41
ximajpg.h9.20 kB10-10-04|15:07
ximamng.h2.06 kB27-06-04|19:36
ximapcx.h2.08 kB27-06-04|19:38
ximapng.h2.22 kB27-06-04|19:39
ximatga.h2.02 kB27-06-04|19:41
ximath.h802.00 B01-06-04|22:05
ximatif.h1.95 kB27-06-04|19:41
ximawbmp.h1.26 kB27-06-04|19:41
ximawmf.h4.86 kB16-11-03|17:02
xiofile.h2.56 kB20-08-02|05:51
xmemfile.h900.00 B08-10-04|18:54
lib0.00 B22-06-07|16:15
cximage.lib956.13 kB26-07-06|18:20
jasper.lib512.43 kB26-07-06|18:29
Jpeg.lib245.18 kB26-07-06|18:18
png.lib305.01 kB26-07-06|18:25
PreviewEx.inl45.00 B14-07-06|10:53
Tiff.lib489.61 kB26-07-06|18:24
vld.lib49.97 kB05-08-05|13:52
vldmt.lib50.16 kB05-08-05|13:52
vldmtdll.lib50.34 kB05-08-05|13:52
zlib.lib95.09 kB26-07-06|18:26
MediaConverter.ncb187.00 kB08-02-07|18:22
MediaConverter.sln932.00 B07-02-07|11:37
MediaConverter.suo17.50 kB08-02-07|18:22
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Video Server (830.81 kB)

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