Username admin, password 123456 can log on to the administrator

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Username admin, password 123456 can log on to the administrator-level user interface. User name user, password 123456 can log on to the ordinary user-level user interface the initial members of the family financial information document, entitled family, such as to make use of this system of family members of the management of financial information, the system prompts the user to enter financial information of family members file name, will have to enter this file name, or enter the system administrator to use the new file name. Such as delete the file, then call in the system function corresponding to re-create the initialization file. User information where the initial document yonghu, that is, to this end the system default file name, can not delete.

Project Files

 add.c3.21 kB05-09-05 15:11
 adduser.c2.29 kB05-09-05 15:11
 admin.c4.15 kB05-09-05 15:11
 creat.c3.27 kB29-08-05 09:17
 cuser.c2.24 kB05-09-05 15:13
 delete.c3.07 kB29-08-05 09:21
 deluser.c2.36 kB29-08-05 09:22
 FAMILY72.00 B05-10-03 20:49
 guest.c1.75 kB29-08-05 10:45
 login.c3.25 kB29-08-05 10:46
 LOGIN.EXE46.54 kB05-10-03 20:54
 LOGIN.OBJ21.47 kB05-10-03 20:54
 modnum.c3.81 kB29-08-05 10:46
 munum.c2.90 kB29-08-05 10:48
 qname.c2.07 kB05-10-03 22:03
 qseatnum.c2.08 kB29-08-05 10:51
 shead.h793.00 B05-10-03 21:31
 ssum.c3.32 kB05-10-03 22:06
 sunum.c2.80 kB29-08-05 10:52
 user.h809.00 B05-10-03 21:20
 YONGHU68.00 B05-10-03 20:54
 <婧愮▼搴>0.00 B04-08-06 14:53
 <瀹跺涵璐㈠姟绠$悊绯荤粺>0.00 B04-08-06 14:53

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