Home » Source Code » 使用borland公司的delphi语言,编程实现CTI交换机坐席之间的互拨的功能。delphi语言完成语音板卡的设置, 应用程序接口API,七号信令的配置...

使用borland公司的delphi语言,编程实现CTI交换机坐席之间的互拨的功能。delphi语言完成语音板卡的设置, 应用程序接口API,七号信令的配置...

2010-08-14 10:44:30
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use borland company delphi language, Programming CTI switches between the mutual Seat allocation functions. Delphi language Voice Card completed the installation, application programming interface API, SS7 configuration
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Name Size Date
<源程序>0.00 B14-07-06 10:07
Shpa3api.pas61.01 kB08-11-05 12:10
call.ico1.05 kB24-04-98 00:00
localnum.ini149.00 B04-07-06 10:28
ShConfig.ini16.00 kB14-06-06 08:58
ShIndex.ini30.00 B12-11-01 18:45
Dial.exe474.00 kB04-07-06 10:21
Dial.res1.19 kB10-11-05 14:01
Shpa3api.dcu36.01 kB10-06-06 17:43
main.dcu5.94 kB19-06-06 11:14
DialFunc.dcu13.32 kB23-06-06 15:12
Dial.~dpr292.00 B16-11-05 10:57
Dial.dpr292.00 B16-11-05 10:57
main.pas3.13 kB19-06-06 11:14
main.~pas3.13 kB18-06-06 15:32
main.dfm1.88 kB18-06-06 20:49
main.~dfm1.88 kB18-06-06 20:49
main.ddp51.00 B19-06-06 11:15
main.~ddp51.00 B18-06-06 23:49
Unit1.dcu3.59 kB19-06-06 11:16
Project1.exe384.00 kB19-06-06 11:16
DialFunc.~pas41.81 kB20-06-06 11:47
Thumbs.db3.00 kB26-06-06 09:24
DialFunc.pas41.77 kB04-07-06 22:12
Dial.dof1.97 kB04-07-06 22:16
Dial.cfg434.00 B04-07-06 22:16
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使用borland公司的delphi语言,编程实现CTI交换机坐席之间的互拨的功能。delphi语言完成语音板卡的设置, 应用程序接口API,七号信令的配置... (471.18 kB)

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