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Schrodinger Equation numerical calculation equation

2010-08-16 11:34:14
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Schrodinger Equation numerical calculation equation
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Name Size Date
源码文件 <Debug><Debug>0.00 B21-08-06 10:14
code file nrtypes.hnrtypes.h2.33 kB23-03-04 20:08
code file nrutil.hnrutil.h5.20 kB18-04-04 21:53
code file NumericalComputMethods.cppNumericalComputMethods.cpp5.68 kB24-03-05 11:34
code file NumericalComputMethods.hNumericalComputMethods.h688.00 B24-03-05 11:29
code file ReadMe.txtReadMe.txt1.04 kB23-03-05 15:40
code file SchrodingerEquation.cppSchrodingerEquation.cpp1.75 kB24-03-05 11:51
源码文件 SchrodingerEquation.ncbSchrodingerEquation.ncb67.00 kB02-06-05 10:25
源码文件 SchrodingerEquation.slnSchrodingerEquation.sln927.00 B23-03-05 15:40
源码文件 SchrodingerEquation.suoSchrodingerEquation.suo8.00 kB02-06-05 10:25
源码文件 SchrodingerEquation.vcprojSchrodingerEquation.vcproj4.04 kB23-03-05 15:47
code file stdafx.cppstdafx.cpp223.00 B23-03-05 15:40
code file stdafx.hstdafx.h195.00 B23-03-05 15:40
源码文件 <SchrodingerEquation><SchrodingerEquation>0.00 B21-08-06 10:13


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Schrodinger Equation numerical calculation equation (18.44 kB)

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