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Based on B/S in human resources management system uses ASP.net (c#) to write the...

2010-08-16 18:56:11
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Based on B/S in human resources management system uses ASP.net (c#) to write the software engineering course is located
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Name Size Date
SalManaDB.mdf2.19 MB02-12-09|18:03
SalManaDB_log.LDF832.00 kB02-12-09|18:03
app_offline.htm773.00 B02-12-09|19:00
b.csproj1.83 kB29-11-09|23:42
css.css758.00 B29-11-09|03:18
Default.aspx1.59 kB02-12-09|18:29
Default.aspx.cs407.00 B28-11-09|17:39
Error.aspx389.00 B28-11-09|19:24
Error.aspx.cs406.00 B28-11-09|19:33
1.png4.91 kB26-11-09|08:01
10.png5.17 kB26-11-09|19:48
2.png4.86 kB26-11-09|08:01
3.png4.93 kB26-11-09|08:01
4.png4.66 kB26-11-09|19:47
5.png4.90 kB26-11-09|19:47
6.png5.21 kB26-11-09|19:48
7.png5.00 kB26-11-09|19:48
8.png4.88 kB26-11-09|19:47
9.png4.87 kB26-11-09|19:48
success.png4.84 kB28-11-09|14:58
Thumbs.db29.00 kB29-11-09|03:34
0.png1.22 kB28-11-09|12:44
banner.jpg10.83 kB29-11-09|03:39
guodu.jpg11.43 kB29-11-09|03:39
Thumbs.db7.50 kB29-11-09|03:39
DepartmentInfoInquiry.aspx2.23 kB28-11-09|21:55
DepartmentInfoInquiry.aspx.cs1.68 kB28-11-09|22:22
EmployeeInfoInquiry.aspx7.17 kB28-11-09|20:56
EmployeeInfoInquiry.aspx.cs2.64 kB28-11-09|22:22
m.csproj1.83 kB29-11-09|18:22
MasterPage.master4.59 kB02-12-09|17:54
MasterPage.master.cs417.00 B28-11-09|00:19
CalendarReminder.ascx1.49 kB29-11-09|03:18
CalendarReminder.ascx.cs425.00 B28-11-09|03:13
Inquiry.ascx371.00 B28-11-09|22:28
Inquiry.ascx.cs2.09 kB28-11-09|22:33
Login.ascx2.14 kB28-11-09|19:05
Login.ascx.cs2.47 kB29-11-09|03:48
DepartmentInfoManage.aspx320.00 B29-11-09|03:07
DepartmentInfoManage.aspx.cs436.00 B28-11-09|22:00
EmployeeInfoManage.aspx5.50 kB29-11-09|10:33
EmployeeInfoManage.aspx.cs2.48 kB29-11-09|11:21
RewardsOrPunishmentManage.aspx330.00 B29-11-09|03:07
RewardsOrPunishmentManage.aspx.cs441.00 B28-11-09|22:01
SalaryManage.aspx304.00 B29-11-09|03:07
SalaryManage.aspx.cs428.00 B28-11-09|22:01
AddNewAdmin.aspx3.44 kB29-11-09|03:45
AddNewAdmin.aspx.cs2.31 kB29-11-09|03:52
ModifyPassword.aspx2.16 kB28-11-09|17:23
ModifyPassword.aspx.cs1.50 kB28-11-09|19:31
Web.config7.86 kB02-12-09|17:46
Web.sitemap1.51 kB28-11-09|20:14
Debug0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
Faces0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
PageElement0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
Debug0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
ReflectedSchemas0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
App_Data0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
bin0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
Image0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
InfomationInquiry0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
MyControl0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
obj0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
PersonalManage0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
SystemManage0.00 B02-12-09|13:24
SalMana0.00 B02-12-09|19:00
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Based on B/S in human resources management system uses ASP.net (c#) to write the... (294.12 kB)

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