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namespace plcdemo {     partial class PL     {         /// <summary>         /// Required designer variable.         /// </summary>         private System.ComponentModel.IContainer...


Hi, this project is basically to help you book bus tickets and movie online. It conatins javascript and jsp/mysql functions. Beware, this will prove useful to basically anybody. Have fun and enjoy! Cheers. ......

Synchronous Four Bit Counter

Program for four bit counter on Verilog. it is a synchronous counter, hence no ripple and counts from 0 to 15. It can be extended to count up to any number as well....

Priority Encoder

Verilog Code for priority encoder.  The priority encoders output corresponds to the currently active input which has the highest priority. So when an input with a higher priority is present, all other inputs with a lower priority will be ignored....

demonstrate pulses between a server and a client

QNX6.5 operating system  This program, along with event_server.c, demonstrate pulses between a  * server and a client using MsgDeliverEvent().  *  * The client finds the server using name_open(), passing it the name the  * server has registered with name_a...

This module demonstrates POSIX semaphores.

 This module demonstrates POSIX semaphores.      A counting semaphore is created, primed with 0 counts.      Five consumer threads are started, each trying to obtain      the semaphore.        A producer...

Verilog code to display two color images on VGA Monitor

Here is the code to display Images  on VGA Monitor using HDL language using spartan 3e board . The VGA monitor with the size of 640x480 having refresh rate 60 Hz. In order to scan pixel the frequency of 25Mhz is calculated by formula = (Total number of Horizontal Pixel *Total Vertical Line...

Canny Edge Detection

The canny edge detection is one of the widely used edge detection technique due to its superior performance.It has high throughput and low latency.Significance of edge detection is low error rate , Localization  and single response for single edge.Main steps in canny edge detection are 1.S...

Distributed Canny edge detection

Canny edge detection is widely used edge detection technique.The main features of this technique is 1.Low error rate 2.Localisation 3.Response i.e. single response for a single input. The main steps in this technique is 1.Horizontal and vertical Gradient filter 2.Gradient and direction filter  ...

Translate" Program

Translates input from Iυ iso8859-7 (english and greek characters) to iso8859-1 greek characters.A basic simple c program to understand how ISO's work and simply stdin and stdout in c ...


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